Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Conversation with my Guide about my past

Extract from my book:

“I was lying in bed, fully awake and my head on top started to hurt. The pain was so intense, I decided to get up to ground and protect. At this point I had an astral experience. Was magic, didn’t go anywhere, just floated in the room. I came back to my body and the pain in my head was still there. Spirit world was opening my chakras in my head, in order to receive more devine into my life. I asked who ever was with me are you from the light. I did get something but can’t remember what. I asked my primary guide to step in. I asked are you from the light. She giggled and said yes. I have had this guide with me before, so I recognized her voice. She had a conversation with me and said she has being with me all my life. She spoke about the time I got engaged at seventeen. She said she was glad I didn’t go through with it. Her voice was so clear and I could hear her”

To some, all these events that I write about might be out of this world but they did happen. At the time, they were most frightening but I learned how to accept these angels that were visiting me.

For those that are waiting for news on my book launch, the book is on process of going to print and awaiting dates for the launch. An email and a press release will be sent to you all nearer the time.

"Life Does Get Better & Peace Within is Found Again"

For more information please contact Riff Haworth, manager and mentor at: for more information.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Decided to wear a scarf

Can I ask everyone to send me some prayers please as it's my first day at work with a scarf on my head. I'm the only Muslim women working amongst thousand of English people.

Allah sure has a plan!!!