Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inner Child within

Extract from my book! Felt it needed to be shared! It does trigger so be careful but let it heal you!

The little girl inside me, the inner me, has come out and it is up to me to free her fully. It wasn’t her fault, and I have to let her know that there are no secrets. It is my responsibility to take care of her, and I will help her.
I close my eyes, and hold out my hand, to reach her hand. I hold it tight and will never let it go again; it is my responsibility to look after her. By just talking to my inner child and telling her this, I will take the pain away. She wants to be free of all this hurt. If you have suffered too in this way, you need to be in charge too; you have to help the child in you, tell them in your mind not to be scared and that you are here to protect them. Hold their hand tight, tighter and never let it go again. Send them lots of unconditional love. Tell them that you love them, that you will always be there for them, and will never let go of that hand. It is your duty as the owner, to be responsible for the child in you.

Hope this helps anyone that needs to hear this message.

Remember on your journey of life, God will always be at your side. Feel that breeze, that touch on your face, that feeling as that is God within.

Sara x

Be brave and step onto the ladder of success!

As your confidence grows don't forget to look back at others who might need help. When you have established yourself and are very confident there will be others who look at what you do and just keep looking. What I say to them is be brave and join in. We all started from the bottom and we was like you once. You have to push yourself and just get out there and do what ever your heart desires. You too can get to the top but only you can make that happen. You will be surprised how many will hold out their hand and hold yours tight.

Be brave and step onto the ladder of success. We confident people will stop and answer your questions. So don't be afraid to ask that question or two that you have.

Confidence does not just happen. You have to work at it and build them layers. It's up to you how you progress but if someone offers their support be brave and accept. We all started from the bottom and built them layers.

I will be there for anyone that needs me and that is my word, so just ask!

Ask, believe and you will sure receive

Have a lovely day, I'm still catching up with my phone calls. Tonight I need to practice my mediumship before my big night!

Love and peace

Sara Khan

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Felt all that energy sent my way

Thank you so much for sending me this amazing energy tonight. Yes, I did feel it and it did help. Yes, got 14 more days before this magic night takes place! My dream that was in my head, I am bringing it alive. I now one of my brothers tonight said the whole of India is with me, but I felt that the world was with me tonight.

Thank you, really!

Desire to dream, yes all dreams come alive

If you have a desire to dream, to make your name and to be successful. Then do it, be brave and go for it. You will make mistakes along the way but you will learn from them experiences.

My hearts desire is to have my name in every country and I believe that I will accomplish my goal! I believe in me as I am very important and loved by me!

As I am reaching my goals I will help souls that I meet on my travels! I will guide you and teach you what I have learned on my journey. That is my promise to the world and I have helped so many people already.

My idea, have my name in every county and help the masses of people that cross my path. Thats my hearts desire and all dreams come true.

Work hard as it pays!

So tired, but taking a small break and carrying on as it's my responsibility to me.

Sara Khan

Life begins at 40

They say life begins at 40 and you have to live it to see how true that saying is. When I turned 40 I found I had goals that I wanted to achieve. Never had goals in my life and really was just living life, yes just that. I know exactly what I want now in life and I'm enjoying this amazing journey to get to that big goal that I have set myself. I can see the end and it's looking good. Everything is coming together for me. Remember it's your life and your in control. Take back what belongs to you and it will not be easy. You will get knock backs, but keep standing back up! You owe that to the most important person in this world and that is "you"!

How are you getting on achieving your goals for this year?

I've even planned for next year!

Have a lovely day and go and live dangerously for a change. Take some risks, gamble or do something that you wouldn't normally do. Do it with respect though!

I have a busy day, yes have to make lots of phone calls! Then there is my boys! It's hard work, but it will pay. Don't stop until you reach the top of this amazing ladder!

Love and peace

Sara x

Anyone can do what ever there hearts desires, as long as you do it with respect and dignity. I have no qualifications or degrees to my name so don't let nothing stop you! No excuses!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Be that change, yes start from within

To change the world, first you must change you. I have done that and that is why I named the book I wrote “Life does get better Peace within is found again.” It is amazing and the feeling is immense finding the real you. I am so lucky to have found inner peace in my 40’s. It can take someone a life time and still not find their inner peace.
First step look at your life and if something needs sorting, sort it. Second step love yourself first and only then will you be able to show love to others. Always be positive and give out unconditional love to anyone you may meet. Even love your enemy as one day they too will need guidance. You don’t have to tell them to their face just send out positive vibes.

All my words that I write are yours to keep. Read them with your heart and let your healing begin. They are a gift from God and wisdom from others before my time. I do feel blessed as spirit world never stop showing me how much they love me. I had some more amazing spiritual experiences last night. I did feel light as all the worries that I collect from your shoulders during the day were taken away. Every souls heart I touch you will forever be in my heart until my dying days.

Remember we all have come to this earth plane to learn different lessons. Let everyone run their own life how they choose! You can guide someone but they have their own path to follow their way so let them be.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Idea buzzing in my head

Got an idea buzzing in my head and you now what I'm going to act on it. Yes, I'm in control of my life and I'm not walking this path alone. My hand is held tight by my angels, guides and the support of you guys! You are all energy that give me the strength to do all this spiritual work. Thank you.

Have a blessed day and always push yourself to the next step. Have faith in you and you will get onto the next level.

Love and peace