Saturday, 19 October 2013

Families are that bond that we all search

The word that my soul gave me for tonight was FAMILIES, at first I thought to myself, I can't write about this, as it's such an emotional word for me. But I'm going to try and see what my soul had in mind and why this word was given to me. Families are that bond, that love that ties us together and it's not always necessary your own blood. Families come in many forms and sometimes they have to be made by yourself, that joy to fill an empty gap, that cravings of the ones that have departed your life. One way or another, we are all searching for that special person, someone to spend the rest of our lives with and that will be the starting of that bond, that completeness of a new found family, that in time will grow into big families filled with love, that compassion. 

If your alone, feeling lost and searching for the one to start your life, to start that family. Never stop looking, as they too will be searching for you and that connection will finely be made to start that life, that family that your heart so desires.  

Love Sara Khan and my dearest family that I have made, that have given me so many wonderful memories that I will treasure for the rest of my living days. 

Met a beautiful lady on Facebook

Going to leave you with a story tonight and sticking to the word, RISK! 

I really do take risks, gambles and ask as many questions as possible, too many at times. In 2010 I found my inner peace and I was searching for someone that could help me with my book. I saw this beautiful lady on facebook with this amazing profile and her eyes spoke to me. I didn't now her, but in my heart I felt that God had sent her my way to help me, as he has already laid the path that you walk and he puts people there that will be there for you. Everyone had left me by this time, I truly had no one left in my life as they just didn't have the courage to continue this journey that laid ahead. So I found that inner strength, that bravery and sent her my book manuscript. I just did it, I took that risk, as I always do things on impulse. Anyway I let my heart do all the talking and I had this trust in her, I didn't now her but I felt this warmth with her. 

To this day, this beautiful, amazing soul, my angel hasn't stopped helping me and together we have grown spiritually and we have this strong bond of this unconditional love. So glad that I took that gamble and was brave enough to take that risk. 

So keep asking and you to will find that one person that will never ever leave you standing alone. 

Night and God bless 

Sara x

We are all travelers on this journey of life

We are all soul travelers on this journey of life, some souls we will meet and some we will walk on by, or miss accidentally. But we have all come to earth to learn the vast amount of knowledge that this world has to offer us and we will be taking the teachings back to heaven, that place, that home that will be rewarded to us for eternity. 

As you travel on this path, always feel and observe your fellow travelers auras, that deep feeling as they will bring you the little teachings for you to learn from. Ask as many questions as possible and without hesitation, as that one answer might be the changing of you. With the information that you receive, pass it on to the next traveller that crosses your path, so they too can learn and pass onto the many travelers passing them too. 

You will come across some travelers that will not understand each other's journeys, the words spoken of but don't criticize, as it may not be your time to travel alongside of them as yet and you both keep to your own paths. 

Just remember this life is a journey, an experience that we have come to earth to learn from and the vast amount of teachings that we will learn, we will be taking back to our creators house. 

Have a great Saturday and for once, quieten your mind to feel the presence, those feelings of auras all around you. 

Love and Peace

Sara Khan 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Strength and Forgiveness

My word for tonight, STRENGTH, as on this journey you travel alone but our creator will always be our strength. 

I use the word forgiveness today and I completely understand those that haven't come to that stage in their healing process as yet. 

This is the place that I am at present with my journey and I write about my experiences that I am traveling at present. There was a point in my life where I would have being hurt with words thrown at my direction because of those that didn't understand me but that time has passed. 

Today I have the strength of my creator that strengthens my faith. 

I have learned on this path that our creator didn't write badness in anyone's destiny. He guides you, its up to you what path or direction you take.

Allah is always with me, so I will always love him, as he is my creator, my strength, that guides me on this beautiful journey on this earth plane and to him I will return when my work on earth comes to an end. 

I don't want to loose anyone because of our differences and our different journeys but I completely understand if you choose the latter. 

But my teachings that I get from this higher power are there and a day will come when all this will all make sense. 

Love and Peace

Sara Khan 

Forgive from the heart

As it's all about the word love today, forgiveness plays a big part in that journey of life. We will all have a past filled with regrets on our part or what others have put upon us. But we must try our upmost best to rectify the mistakes by putting it right and if we find that we can't, we must find it in our hearts to forgive. I know it can be so difficult and I can hear you saying, "no way am I able to forgive". If you don't forgive, you will find yourself carrying burdens, that heaviness on your shoulders and it will weigh you down. Try and change that, by letting go and giving back that pain to the rightful owner that gave it to you on the first place. Why do you carry it for them? As you forgive, you will find that heaviness shifting and in its place, love will develop. Even if it was a mistake on your own part, we all make mistakes as we are human and learn from it. In your heart, forgive yourself and watch as this overpowering love develops. 

That's love and I'm going to ask my guides for another word for tonight. 

Forgive and let go, in order for the love to develop......

Love Sara Khan 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

God loves the one that you hate the same

You may have luxuries today, but when you exit this world and step into your new home, that place which will be yours for eternity. 

The only thing that you will be taking back with you will be your soul containing your deeds and the materialistic worldly things will be all left behind. 

So always work on bettering yourself, living an honest life and one that contains trusting and love. 

Treat others no matter what colour or creed the way that you would want to be treated and never send out hatred, even to ones that have hurt you. 

Just remember God loves the ones that you hate the same as you, as in his eye your all the same. 

May God shower us all with his unconditional healing love and keep us a space in his home on our return back to heaven. 

Night and God bless

Sara Khan