Thursday, 29 May 2014

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Love Sara Khan

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Messiah, Îsâ Ibn Maryam.

Islam considers Jesus to be one of the greatest and most forbearing of prophets, in addition to Noah, Abraham, Moses and Muhammad, peace be upon them. Jesus is also considered to be the Messiah as well. This is in conformity with the Islamic view of the Oneness of God, the Oneness of Divine guidance, and the complementary role of the subsequent mission of God’s messengers.

"God clarified in the Quran that Jesus was not crucified; rather, it was made to seem that way to the Jews, and that God raised him to the Heavens.  The Quran does not explain, though, who was the person crucified instead of Jesus, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him"

“…They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but (another) was made to resemble him to them…” (Quran 4:157)
“God lifted him up to His presence.  God is Almighty, All-Wise.” (Quran 4:158)
As such, Islam denies that Jesus came to this earth with the purpose of sacrificing himself for the sin of Adam, Eve, and the rest of humanity, freeing them from its burden.  Islam strictly rejects the notion that any person bears the sin of another.  God says:

“No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another.” (Quran 39:7)

Have a great Sunday and search the vast amount of knowledge that has being passed down from past generations. Leave a legacy for the next generation that is to come to this earth and for them to learn from you. 

Love Sara Khan

Friday, 11 April 2014

Feeling like a proud mummy

As I walked my beautiful boys to the mosque (place of worship), I felt choked and so proud of them. They looked absolutely gorgeous in their outfits and so grown up. They walked together, eldest holding my little ones hand, making sure he was safe. It was heart touching as I watched them both walk into the mosque. I held my tears in and as I got back home, I hugged my hubby and told him of this magical moment as my tears flowed. Those tears and me have such a good relationship, Allah (God) blessed us with two beautiful young boy's and one day they will be men. I hope my boys continue to make their mummy proud. 

Love mum

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Our hearts need to be clean and the rest is up to Allah Swt.

As I got into my car this morning I noticed a beautiful girl wearing a hijab (head scarf) and she had done it so beautifully. I drove my car around the corner and passed this girl again, only this time she had taken the hijab off. 

There could be a lot of explanations here:

For freedom and keeping peace for the family's sakes, which is very wrong. 

Our hearts need to be clean and the rest is up to Allah Swt. I personally took it slowly and my heart directed me to cover my head with a hijab. 

But we should never judge others as each one of us will find that divine within when the time is right. May Allah Swt guide us all through our hearts and direct us in life, as we are only here on earth for a short time. 


Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Hijab and my closeness to Allah, my creator

I met a brother a few years ago and when I was leaving he touched my head. In Asian culture that indicates that his giving his sister respect, a blessing. Was really heart warming and he didn't have to do that. I love helping and never ask for anything but means so much when you are given respect.

That day, that beautiful moment, I decided I must cover my head as it felt so bare. Never knew in a million years that I would become closer to my Deen. Allah wrote my destiny and he is guiding me by thought, feeling so proud of myself; my heart is crying tears of a new life, that joy. 

Allah (God) will never let me walk alone and will be there, every step of the way, as I've just entered the Islamic path a few months ago.

My head felt so bare. I was taking it very slowly before I covered my head as family were saying don't rush. But the power of Allah, that deep feeling is out of this world and I've got so much to learn. I started off wearing just a scarf on my head so that I could get used to it, as it was a big step and I was feeling nervous. 

Insha Allah I will get there, may Allah be pleased with me and if I make a mistake I do ask for forgiveness. 

I did this for a few weeks, my head was half covered and my hair was still showing. But It didn't feel right, so on 29th November 2012 I put on my hijab, I asked everyone on my Social sites and blogs to send me healing prayers as it was my first day wearing the hijab and where I work I was the only Muslim women working there. How would they react to the new me."

Accepting the Hijab is for me 
"I'm doing it for me and from my heart"

As I was driving to work, I was asking Allah for guidance and strength. I saw this eldery man, with an white beard in the car behide me. He was a Muslim and I felt that Allah had sent him on my path with the message, everything will be well and to give me that extra guidance that I needed that day. 

I walked into work, head held high and with the guidance of this eldery man that I had seen that morning. I have no idea who he was, but he gave me encouragement. Also Allah will never let me walk this journey alone and will be there, every step of the way. Insha Allah. God willing. 

I'm also so blessed to have brothers and sisters who walk my journey along side me. I had a few people look and some nice compliments, some didn't now what to say. I explained to a few who asked but in all everything went well. 

My hijab is my protection and that closeness to Allah, my creator whom I will return back home one day. 

Alhamdulillah "Praise be to God for creating such beauty"

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Those silent tears within

I've silently cried deep down inside and if you look at this picture very closely, you will see in my eyes that this was my saddest moment that  day. This was the moment that I looked at my life and thought to myself, I just can't carry on like this. I need to live for me, my boys and my life time partner. 

From that precise moment, that week, those incidents that occurred that day, I decided that I was going to come first, live for me and the tears that came when I made that big decision was the worst that I had ever experienced

I'd cried so much I felt like this is it and I was at a total loss as each member of my blood family deserted me on my darkest hour but as I took those tiny steps that followed, one by one, my life slowly started to change for the better and a new life was born, the new me that you see today. 

Tonight I want you to pay attention to your eyes as they hold all your answers to your life and they are the closest that you will ever come to when communicating to your soul. 

Night and God bless

Love Sara Khan

Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Year and New You

New Year and a new you new beginnings our creator made us all with love. If your faced with challenges and struggles in life. They are only temporary, as life changes with hard work and Allah (God) didn't put an ounce of badness in our destiny. We have brain and brawn & have the knowledge to choose from right and wrong each of us have free choices, that free will and to do the right thing. If you find that you have hatred for someone, turn it into love and you will find that it comes back from other sources in treble numbers.

Keep on spreading that vast amount of love and be at peace as life does get better.

Love Sara Khan