Saturday, 11 August 2012

As you go through life

As you go through life and finely see the end in sight. It will be emotional looking back at what once was and how far you have come. What a journey you would have had and look at what is waiting at the top of this amazing ladder of life. My message as always if something needs fixing it's your job. Your life, your responsibility and your in charge. So stand up and take back what was already yours and take control. There will still be times when you fall back down. Be strong and stand up and fight. There is allot of support out there. Strangers who you would never have met will reach out their hand. Hold that hand tight and never let go. Have faith in yourself as you are strong. Be that person that you attended to be. Believe me I have had so many knock backs but I keep getting back up. I know the ending of this life story as I have wrote it.

I will always be there for anyone who asks me for support and I will give you that strength that you need. If not in person but spiritually. I will never let go of your hand until you say you are ready to walk alone.

Have a lovely evening, as I'm so busy tonight! Got so many ideas buzzing in my head. One step at a time! I will get to the top of this ladder of life. Don't know when and how but remember hard work pays!

For everyone that is waiting for my book! Remember everything is already written in our destiny and I can't rush what is about to happen. It will be out soon and believe me there will be tears!

Love and peace

Sara Khan

Take a few steps back

Always take a few steps back in life and evaluate where you came from. You might be at a beautiful place right know but do go back and help others. Let them know that their light too can shine with every step that they take! Every experience that you would have had in your life it came so you could teach and everything in life does happen for a reason! Lessons never will stop coming your way. This is a magic year for me and I can feel it but need to take a few steps back, as on this amazing journey I've left my soul partner be hide. His one of the reasons that I'm on this path, as he asked me one question and with the answer that I gave him he still stood with me. (the question and answer is in my book, which will be launched soon). For me to continue on my journey I'm going back for him as this journey would mean nothing without my soul partner as I do love him dearly. So working on some steps to win him back as failure isn't an option and his my world.

Remember God chooses soul partners before you come onto the earth plane and who am I to disrespect his wishes.

Sara Khan

Justice, doesn't always mean that

Someone said to me few weeks ago there is no such thing as justice. I just looked and thought, yes there must be. But he was right, there is victims all around the world suffering! But we are no longer victims, we are survivors who's tears have being heard. We are no longer oppressed and have survived the pain, sadness and guilt that was put in our life. We shouted, spoke out, told a loved one and fought for that peace that we truly deserved. But there comes a time, when you have looked at every avenue, searched more clues and again there is that word " family honour" and your back to the first step. Then you think, maybe there really is no more fight to win, even with new evidence as that word "family honour" well it just won't let you win. Then, you do think, what know! You sit there, frozen and speechless and laugh really. As you've done your crying and made yourself ill. You either let the abusers take control, as really they wouldn't now what your going through. They've done their damage, why let them take control of that space in your head.

But, we the victims who have become survivors will reach out to all the children of the world and protect you. We have learned what the word "family honour" stands for, and it means exactly what it reads. You are our family and we will be there to protect you!

Our children of this world deserve the protection that it so needs. They are our future and it's our responsibility to protect them.

Family honour and the new generation will win this war on child abuse.

Sara Khan

Today is going to be a good day

Today is going to be a good day. I would say one of the best really. In life everything doesn't always stay the same it gets better. Always listen to them inner feelings and have faith in you. I said I would go back to that dark place to hold your hand and together we will go into the light. I have even achieved that dream without realizing it. I listened to my gut and thoughts and what messages my soul sent to me. It's a must that you listen to them feelings and act upon on them. What a journey I have had and I am going to be rewarded. One reward I have already gained and that's inner peace.

I know there is some who don't understand how and why I could have achieved this, but I did. The first step is the hardest but once you start it does get easier.

Have a lovely day and start listening to that inner voice if your not already.

Sara xx

All my words that I write are yours

All my words that I write are yours to keep. Read them with all your heart and let your healing begin. They are a gift from God and wisdom from others before my time. I do feel blessed as spirit world never stop showing me how much they love me. The words that I write do come from the spirit world. I am their channel on the earth plane who does the work with all my heart and soul. My heart will always stay pure to receive this wonderful gift that I pass onto you. I do feel light as all the worries that I collect from your shoulders during the day are taken away by the angels. Every souls heart I touch you will forever be in my heart until my dying days. Don't forget if you name is in my prayers book the world is also saying a prayer for you. You will never be forgotten!

Allah never leaves you

Allah never leaves you, people leave him as he gave us free will, so that we are able to make choices in life. He trusts us to make the right ones, but
sometimes we think we now best and we go our different ways. But you do make your way back, find the right path that you stumbled off. He will always be there guiding you, watching you and wiping them tears. So if you are feeling lost, close your eyes and feel. You will feel a breeze on your face, that touch, that deep feeling and that is Allah.

If you need to go back on the very first step that you started from, that is fine.

Insha Allah if he wills it, it will happen the way he wrote it! Who are we to argue with our creator.

All will be well as you never walk on your path alone.

Got so many new steps in front of me, but will tread slowly.

Can't stop singing this song! Allah Jaane, he knows best! Just feeling so happy and this feeling is so amazing.

Insha Allah

I am at my bench and I do always meet lovely souls here. Yes, I do talk about my spiritual journey and Allah.

Sara Khan

An angel visited me

Quote from my book:

One morning I was laying in bed and an angel flashed in front of my face. Dark black hair, olive skin and she said " love yourself" then she went. At the time I didn't know what she meant. As time went by I started to love myself. I am important, special and very gifted. Yes I do love myself.

Always show love to yourself first and the world will love you back! It's amazing feeling being loved by everyone. Truly it is and it's a fact.

It's true the world loves me and I love you guys back!

According to Islamic text, the term Rooh means soul and is also reffered to angels in the Holy Qur'an.

Allah knows best and how lucky am I to had many visits from angels.

Task for you all!

Say these words to yourself!

I am amazing and I love me!

I do it on a daily basis, as I am special and very important.

If anyone wants to me write about anything in particular, inbox me and I will. Just bare in mind I work with respect and dignity in mind. If I am able to relate to your subject, it will be done.

Sara Khan

Is it hard to always be positive and in love with life?

My answer:

No, it isn't, it's quiet simple and its like your flying on air. When you have found the true purpose of your life and why you have come to earth you will find this fulfilment of joy. You will find a purpose to get up in the morning as your so in love with you. It's just an amazing feeling and then to be surrounded by the love of Allah, it's out of this world. I live and breath Allah! I feel the presence of our creator all around me! Allah is on my breath every second of the day. I just love me and what I've become because I took that first step. Then it gives me joy passing all this love to you all and everyone in my life.

Hope this answers your question!

Sara Khan


You do think to yourself "why am I doing this" all this heart ache, pain that you are put through! Believe me, I have broken barriers! Most of you have only just met me and missed half of my life story. Yes, being tears, then you are sent an angel with a message to tell you to keep going as the end is so close! Take a step back but never give up! The ending of your life story will enfold in front of your eyes! Just continue to be that strong person that you have become. Your not alone as there is energy that you feel all around you. That is your protection, your guide that is guiding you to that bright light.

See, you ask, then you believe in yourself and then you receive. It's so simple. Three simple words that I use in my life. I have brought all this my way and anyone can do this! Never stop daydreaming.

Insha Allah

Sara Khan

Friday, 10 August 2012

Allah came into my life and I was reborn

Feeling so blessed right know and this deep feeling is so intense. Can't explain how I feel but it's out of this world. Maybe it was meant to end like this but I feel this is just the beginning of my new life. Got so much to learn and live for. I urge you all to listen to that gut and listen to that lost voice as you will be rewarded. I'm sure collecting mine and it's not wealth but pure inner peace.

Sara Khan

The lost voice within

We all have a voice but for most it's lost deep within. You want to shout, scream but the words will not come out. You would try, but the words are stuck at the back of your throat. Others will speak, you will listen but still you can't get that voice out. This can go on for years, that lost voice lost to the world. No one nows what it wants to say but you and because of this, no one knows who you really are. You will sit there, looking into space and at everyones faces! You want to speak, say how you feel and just scream. Because your not using your voice, no one knows who you are. You can sit there all day and say nothing to no one. Then little by little and that first step, you use that voice. It might start of with one word, a question or two but you've used it. Then you will find the courage to continue to use it but know that you've found that lost voice, don't put it back. Keep talking and with time, you will get onto the next step. That was your lost voice within, found safely for you all to enjoy again.

There is people in this world who can't cry either, but that's another story.

Sara Khan