Saturday, 11 August 2012


You do think to yourself "why am I doing this" all this heart ache, pain that you are put through! Believe me, I have broken barriers! Most of you have only just met me and missed half of my life story. Yes, being tears, then you are sent an angel with a message to tell you to keep going as the end is so close! Take a step back but never give up! The ending of your life story will enfold in front of your eyes! Just continue to be that strong person that you have become. Your not alone as there is energy that you feel all around you. That is your protection, your guide that is guiding you to that bright light.

See, you ask, then you believe in yourself and then you receive. It's so simple. Three simple words that I use in my life. I have brought all this my way and anyone can do this! Never stop daydreaming.

Insha Allah

Sara Khan


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