Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New path on my spiritual journey

Yes, being given a different direction on this wonderful path that I'm traveling on. More learning, with a different teacher and a new location. Hope was the word given to me, and it sure came in the words of hope. But I'm waiting on blessings from my other soul to be a yes! It's very important that I get that. Life is going in the right direction and as always there will be obstacles but you keep going. Break them barriers of steal and you will see the ending of your life story.

Yes there is hope

I never believed in " hope " as I'm a person who does it! If you hope, your not really serious about your niche. Well guys, I was wrong as there is hope and my beloved God, Allah and the spirit world are looking after me as I take this vocation that I am on! All this hard work I have being doing, well I nearly had a nervous breakdown, you not going to believe this but I'm only human! I do have angels who are holding my hand as I travel this amazing journey in this life time. They was there for me once again, with that strong hand of support. So yes believe in you but don't loose that hope. Every step of the way, you will be taken care of. So never stop asking them questions, and the answers will come. Even the answer came in the words of hope! That's my next step, and I'm taking this journey slowly.

Have a nice day, look after you first and only then can you look after others.

Love and peace


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dear angels and guides

I ask you to stand at my side as I send out loving prayers and thoughts of healing to the world. Let the love grow into peoples hearts and all that hate disappear. We the new light workers of the world will guide anyone that wants to stand with us on this mission that we have set ourselves in our destiny before we came to mother earth. This new resolution has already being written and we must follow it through. If we stand back and just watch we will have to relive this life again until it is done. Make this day of peace for the generations of our children to come.

I have entered all the names that have being given to me in my prayers book. If anyone wants their name added please email me with all the names and I don't need to know why!

Peace will win this war and hatred


Earth Angel Sara