Friday, 4 October 2013

The tall walls will come thrashing down

My thoughts for today have being about silence and that quietness that surrounds us on a daily basis. No one nows what's behide those closed doors, those four walls that hide our true inner fears and those bricks that at times can be built so high that it can safely shield all our secrets. 

No matter what, those bricks that hide us from the outside world can be knocked back down and at times it can take an eternity from finding out the truth but a time does come when they do gets disclosed, that well hidden life that once upon time only you alone knew. 

Stay positive as the tall walls will come thrashing down and you will be free to tell your story. 

Insha Allah, God willing. 

Love Sara Khan

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The knock backs that are part of the journey

Had a very bad day :( but it doesn't matter and this won't be the last time that I will fall. There will be many more knock backs and like before I will keep getting back up. I'm not this scared and frightened women that I used to be, I am a survivor and I've survived my ordeal. For those that are emailing me and asking me the why's, all the information is on my profile. 

To the victims who are yet to become survivors, you will do it and let my story be an example. Don't let the people that hurt you take over that space in your head. As that's what they want, that control and that power.  Please don't end your life, live for you and you show them that you too can survive. There is so much help out there. Keep asking those questions and searching for those clues. Ask me and I will try my best to help you in anyway that I possibly can. If someone says no, question it and keep asking. You will get there. Together we will STOP child abuse and protect our children. 

But you will still fall many times like me but keep getting back up and each time you get up again, new strength within will develop. 

I might not have got justice as no one stood with me but believe me there's a lot of work that goes in the background. There's still loads of stones to overturn and I will get there. I was on my own when I started this journey but I have got the world standing alongside me know. Thank you so much for your support.  I have to be strong as I'm going to get so many questions asked of me when my book gets released. 

To my new friends, so sorry as I'm not normally like this! 

Going to bed, got a headache and hopefully tomorrow will be a new start. 

Love Sara :) 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dramatic drama

At this precise moment you might be going through a dramatic time in your life, all that drama and those negativity feelings showered towards your direction. But you keep your head up high, you pause and you take a few steps back to a time, that period that once upon time was full of loving energy, those memories, that magical moment and you focus on that. Be noble, step away from this dramatic drama that others will be displaying towards you, as they will be showing there true colors and only wanting to take you with them but you stand tall, be different, the better, the nicer, the warmer you. 

Have a great day, find the real you amongst all this dramatic drama that is displayed all around you and you show them that you are unique, different. 

Love Sara x