Sunday, 29 December 2013

Need to say goodby to my family

The time has come to say goodbye and move on. I have changed and become this placid caring wonderful woman who has found herself. If you see me today you wouldn't even recognize me as I have changed so much. 

You have had your chance to see me but you chose not to. My boys are growing up and not once have you contacted them." Uncles " 

In life there comes a time when you have to leave the people who once said that they loved you behind. And I've done just that.  I am growing spiritually and need to be free and not carry any burdens or pains. 

I kept quiet so that you all could live your life and be free of this burden that I carried. I knew this day would come when I had to leave you all and I have forgiven you all from my heart, I hold no grudges, you just weren’t strong enough, to stand by me. I will never to this day why or understand why all the family chose to disown me. 

As you all knew the truth but still no one helped me when I asked for help and I never stopped asking. In the end it was up to me to help myself. You can ask the family why they chose to stay quiet when I spoke up at the age of seventeen as I could have been helped supported but you and the rest chose to ignore that but that's ok because deep down you must feel bad. I Know I have goals and dreams which I am working on and God wiling I feel satisfaction. 

Always stay happy, be truthful to yourself and look after each other as I have my life to live. I have big plans, dreams and I will get there one day and eventually my dreams ambitions you will all see. 

Who would have believed me if I said one day I was going to write and publish a book. I’m helping so many people and will continue to offer my services as an powerful advocate for sexual abuse victims. In life you do get rewarded with all those tears that you would have shredded I will be collecting my good earned rewards. 

One of the amazing gifts that I have being rewarded is Allah (God) who is deep inside me. I go to bed with the angels singing and walk with my guides. 

Got so much going on in my life and you just wouldn’t believe me. I’m surrounded by the spiritual world and I am going to one day use this wonderful gift that I have being gifted with to heal the masses in this world that we live in. 

Will always love you all. I meant nothing but you no what I've gone beyond caring.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The inner child within

Extract from my book: Felt it needed to be shared, and it does trigger, so be careful but let it heal you. 

Say these words in your heart and with conviction. 

The little child inside me, the inner me, has come out and it is up to me to free them fully. It wasn’t their fault, and I have to let them now that there are no secrets. It is my responsibility to take care of my inner child and I will help them. 

I close my eyes, and hold out my hand, to reach their hand. I hold it tight and will never let it go again; it is my responsibility to look after my inner child. By just talking to my inner child and telling them this, I will take the pain away. They want to be free of all this hurt. 

If you have suffered in this way, you need to be in charge too; you have to help the child in you, tell them in your mind, not to be scared and that you are here to protect them. Hold their hand tight, tighter and never let it go again. Send them lots of unconditional love. Tell them that you love them, that you will always be there for them, and will never let go of that hand. It is your duty as the owner of that child within, to be responsible for the child in you. 

Hope this helps anyone that needs to hear this message. 

Remember on your journey of life, God will always be at your side. Feel that breeze, that touch on your face, that feeling as that is God within. 

Love Sara Khan 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

We all start off as strangers in this world

We all start off as strangers in this world that our creator created for us but in the background, unknown to us there is a lot of activity that goes on in the universe. Most of us have never met, some maybe never will but for those that have found that link will communicate with each other by thought and our souls will always have that deep spiritual connection. Unknown to us, our guides, angels will be planning away in the spirit world and they will feed us words via thoughts. We will only now what that is if we listen to our gut, those feelings and ask those deep questions as to the why we are so connected. But not everyone will have the strength to follow that gut and for those that do will find out the reasons when the time is right for the answers to appear. 

So that stranger that once was just that, will no longer be that as that connection would have being made and our souls will continue with the work via the universes until we are both ready to work side by side on this beautiful earth that was a gift from our creator. 

Love Sara Khan 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Knocking on heavens doors

Still remember the time my soul came out of my body and I really thought I was leaving this earth for good. In my mind I was begging for a second chance, I was pleading with my maker, asking for one more chance, promising him that I will continue with my peace mission. (When you are out of your body, you can't move you feel lifeless, you want to talk and it's all thought controlled). I was very scared and suddenly I felt my grandmothers soul appear as she kissed my face, I felt her skin touch mine, I felt at peace, I felt at ease and I was back in my body. I thanked my maker for giving me a second chance, and that's one of the many reasons I do what I do. I love each and everyone to the max. 

When our creator calls us back, we won't really have a choice and if it's your time to go, you will be called back. I don't think that morning was my time, then again no one is aware nor knows if and when. So make the most of your life on earth, as your here to learn the vast amount of lessons that you will eventually take back home,for eternity. 

I do miss my dearest grandmother and we will meet again one day. 
( God willing). 

Insha Allah, God willing and hoping she will be the one that stands at the bright white light to hold my hand and to take me through. 

Love Sara Khan

Friday, 15 November 2013

A story for Jumma, about rice and that path that I didn't take

Anything can trigger a memory from the past and for me it was the mention of rice. Twenty years ago, in my younger days, when I was free and very single, I was offered a job as a nanny with a well known rice manufactures. At the time of going to the actual interview I wasn't aware of their high status, as the agency didn't mention it, I was young and very naive, still am today. I went to the interview with two of my friends, in my small car that just about made it there. It was in a small village in London, we entered the house and made ourselves comfortable, as I'm a very natural person.The family immediately took a liking to me and offered me the job on the spot as I got on with their children. In the package they included a flat of my own and it was nice. But in those days, I wasn't this strong women that you see today and I was scared of change. I could have taken the risk, as I was alone in london and living in this one bedroom bedsit. I did have a job already too, in an hotel and I was coping financially. But I was scared to leave the friends that I had made, as I didn't really now of these people that wanted to employ me. They really desperately wanted me, as they kept phoning me and at the time I was too naive to understand why they would want me so much. I was loving in them days too as you master the art of hiding your problems and it's called having two lives. 

You see in life, our creator has given us that free will and many choices, different paths that we are able to choose from. If I had chosen to take that job, I wouldn't have met my hubby and had my lovely boys. I would have being on a completely different journey, as to what I am on today. 

"Life is a journey of many choices and each step that we take will lead us to a different path"

Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed friday. 

Love Sara Khan 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

No more man made wars

It's Remembrance Day today, year in the memory of those who have been affected in all conflicts.

Let's say a prayer to those that have lost ensuring that people remember those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.

Irrelevant of creed or colour ...Let's pray for countries that are still at war and the many lives that will be lost because man hasn't learn't the art of communicating yet. May that day be soon, where everyone will learn to live in peace and harmony. Let's visualize a day that will be filled with love so all will sort their differences out. 

My message as always, let there be no more man made WARS and we peace activists will continue to spread PEACE. 

May God guide us all. 

"The world will hold a 2 minute silence but we will remember everyone that has gone to the spirit world before their time" 


Love Sara Khan

Thursday, 7 November 2013

A story for Jumma-A tree of life

A tree has a life of its own, it's routes go deep into the ground, deeper into the earth that we sow our food and when it reaches the very bottom the routes will come back up to the surface, holding the tree very securely in place. As it sprouts it's branches, it will grow and it can become any shape or form that it is written in its destiny by Allah. The tree will also have that free will, that choice and those feelings like us humans, as its alive. 

In a way, we are all like trees and growing with the nutrient that feeds us to gain that knowledge that is all around us. Our bodies are held firmly by this higher force and our legs are grounded solidly to the ground that goes deep into the soil spiritually. Like a tree, we will also branch out and experience the four seasons of change as each one takes place. 

We are all protected by our creator as we are its creations, any shape or form. 

Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed Friday. Find it in your heart to branch out to experience the worldly gifts that have being placed before us. 

Love Sara Khan 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just had a thought, rejoice in all religions

Allah (God) created us all and he is that thought in each of us. He guides each of us on our paths, be it different religions, creed and colour but he is that thought and he is one in all of us. We are one, each and every one of us on a different path, but the message is the same and that is to become one, rejoice in all religions, creed and colour.
Life is a plan, that is already set in place and our creator has a plan, that is to rejoice in all mankind. This is his big plan and you are all playing that part to live in harmony and peace. So let's think and be wise and create that harmony and peace that will better us and the world we live in.

Have a great day, learn to respect all religions and rejoice. 

Love Sara Khan

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Diwali celebrations and those memories

Since it's Diwali, I fancy some jalibi and praying that I don't go back to memory lane, as I do have some amazing memories stored in there. 

Tell you a quick story though: 

Every Diwali, my grandmother used to go to the corner shop and get all the family jalibi's and they were just so out of this world. The family was massive too, but she still went and bought them as she loved us. 

I do miss my grandmother and I am lucky in a way, as she travels along side of me on this amazing journey of a lifetime, showering that scent that is only known to me. 

Think I will have to get hubby to get me some jalbi's.... 

Hope my grandmother is happy though, as I am missing her so much. 

And I've not cried yet, but those tears are at the back of my head and they can stay there as Allah has blessed me with such an beautiful family that love me for the person that I am. 

Love Sara
 — feeling like crying, but will be strong.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Your never alone, Jumma Mubarak

Allah (God) created you, gave you life and gifted you the goodness of the world that you live in.

He gave you goodness, happiness and joy for you to enjoy, as he never gives out badness. Then, why do you give in to the worldly problems that your faced with? 

Do you think his going to leave you to face them all by yourself? Just ask him and he will be ten steps ahead of you. He will already know the answer to your questions, even before you ask and he will have that answer already. 

But he does ask you to be patient and for you to silence your mind, in order to receive his answer that he has prepared for you. 

Never think that your all alone, as that will never be the case and he will be there for you forever. 

Live your life to the fullest and tackle each problem as it comes your way. But never give up on the life that he gifted to you to enjoy and to learn from. 

So that you could take all that teaching back and climb the magical steps to seventh heaven, your place that will be your home for eternity. 

Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed friday.

Love Sara Khan 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A gift of joy, those tears that return

With each tear that you would have shred in life, they will have a value attached to it and if you find that those tears have returned again, that will only mean that our creator is adding more amazing gifts to your life for you to enjoy in this present life. 

Not upset, just felt like giving a gift of joy to the world to enjoy too. 

Night and God bless 

Love Sara Khan 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wondering why I was chosen

Wondering why Allah chose me to receive this beautiful divine, those amazing scents that are showered all around me, the angels humming in both my ears, the spiritual bright lights shining on my bedroom wall at night. As I do make many mistakes, I do things without thinking, I say what ever is on my mind, I take risks, I can't spell, I love very, very deeply and I defiantly don't think, I just go ahead with what my thoughts direct me to do as there is that trust factor involved. 

Maybe it's because my heart is so pure and Allah loves me dearly. Mind, my heart hasn't always being this pure, a lot of hard work, building bridges with my inner self and loving me as a whole package, that beautiful soul that resides within me might be the reason why. 

I don't now all the answers but I will learn with each step that I take and Allah will send good souls my way that will guide me on this beautiful path. 

Love Sara Khan 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My primary Guide came showering her scent

My primary Guide was with me again this evening, showering that sweet violet perfume that is unique to me. 

For those that have being to Dubai, there is a scent in all the malls, hotels of this beautiful perfume that my guide from the spirit world showers all around me. 

She has guided me on this amazing journey and I've acted on those thoughts that she sends, but as always I'm in charge of my soul. 

The thought that she comes with feels good and as usual I will act as its my direction in life, that guidance. 

Love Sara 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Take that step, it's worth it

Honestly, just take that risk and it will be worth it. You will forget the knockbacks, struggles and those dreading words, no, you can't, what will people say, as you will show them that yes you can and end of the day, they will not be coming back home with you, that place that will be your home for erternity, that place in paradise. 

Insha Allah, I still have one big step to take but I'm sure Allah has it all in hand. 

Love Sara 

Spiritual love, that deep love for a soul

Love, there is so many definitions to this small word and it will have many meanings attached to it. 

Spoke about unrequited love and today I'm going to talk about spiritual love, that deep loving of someone's soul that you would have never ever met in your life. But that love that you would have, you will feel it so deeply, that aura will vibrate that beautiful energy and it will be very magical. You will be surrounded by people that you will also love, but this love for this soul will always stand out strong and at times very powerful. 

We are all souls in a body that are always communicating spiritually with each other by thought, while experiencing life on earth and we might never meet here but we will in the afterlife. 

Insha Allah 

10 magpies surrounded me

This morning, I'm going to share one of my magical experiences that I've had in my life. 

"As I sit in my car loads of magpies have surrounded me. At least ten black and white ones, one of them touched my car to get my attention. In spiritual terms they bring good luck and to say they are watching over me. They have delivered their message and have gone. Wow, how lucky was that! Really felt blessed and I know I'm on the right path. It truly was amazing seen all this happen and I did get a message from this experience" 

You too can feel magic, as it's all around us and just needs you to pay attention to your surroundings. 

Have a great day, keep sending loving thoughts to your soul and watch as you grow spiritually. 

Love Sara Khan 

Monday, 21 October 2013

My magic mountain

In life you will have mountains to climb just to get to the top. You will fall back down again, and again. You will stand back up and again there will be other obstacles that come in the way. You just keep climbing and don't look back down until you get to the very top. On the way, you will find other souls; do stop to help them on their journey too. When you get to the top of this magic mountain there you will find the hand of God. He will hold out his hand and reach out for yours. Hold that hand tight as that is your good earned reward. Close your eyes and you will feel the peace that will come from within. Your soul will awaken! You will be free of the burden that you carried for so long. Then you can look back down from this magic mountain. You will slowly climb back down and hold out your hand to the next person that will need you to be there strength. You are now that soul that will be there for others.

Love Sara Khan 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

They've come with a message, will wait

Got this weird feeling and that deep sense of a loved one departing from this world. I know my blood family are no longer with me and I will never now if someone does go. Just got this feeling and it's not just that, I know I'm following Islam but I've got a soul from the spirit world around me. It's very rare that souls from the other side come into my house. They only come when a message needs to be delivered and I know I need to be strong, just incase my instincts are right. But a day will come, when I will have to say goodbye silently in my heart. 

I know this is so sad, but that's how I'm feeling and will just have to wait to see why they are here with me tonight. 

Love Sara Khan 


Messages on billboards from above

"She cares and wants us to be happy"

As I read the above sentence that was sent to me, I felt choked as my heart truly cares about the world that we are living in and at the same time our creator loves us dearly too. 

But I've promised this Ummah, my brother in Islam that I would share a funny story with the world tonight. 

I have always said that our creator sends us messages in many ways, be it in thoughts, bill boards, so yes really pay attention to them advertisements as they contain many signs and in dreams, the list continues. 

My story: 

"One day I was walking along, it was a wet rainy day and all of a suddenly I fell onto my knees, my hands raised into the air and this was the early days of the time I came onto the Islamic path. It was funny in a way, although it hurt a little too and no one was around, so I had a giggle as I do intend to laugh to myself on the funniest things that I do. But to me, in my funniness way there was a bigger picture with this incident and a message from powers above. Allah was telling me to pray and this was one of his ways, told in an action sort of a way"!

So always look at your actions as everything that you do in life has a meaning and then search for that answer. 

SubhanAllah, we are the creations of our creator and if we show laughter, he will laugh alongside of us too.

Love and Peace 

Sara Khan 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Families are that bond that we all search

The word that my soul gave me for tonight was FAMILIES, at first I thought to myself, I can't write about this, as it's such an emotional word for me. But I'm going to try and see what my soul had in mind and why this word was given to me. Families are that bond, that love that ties us together and it's not always necessary your own blood. Families come in many forms and sometimes they have to be made by yourself, that joy to fill an empty gap, that cravings of the ones that have departed your life. One way or another, we are all searching for that special person, someone to spend the rest of our lives with and that will be the starting of that bond, that completeness of a new found family, that in time will grow into big families filled with love, that compassion. 

If your alone, feeling lost and searching for the one to start your life, to start that family. Never stop looking, as they too will be searching for you and that connection will finely be made to start that life, that family that your heart so desires.  

Love Sara Khan and my dearest family that I have made, that have given me so many wonderful memories that I will treasure for the rest of my living days. 

Met a beautiful lady on Facebook

Going to leave you with a story tonight and sticking to the word, RISK! 

I really do take risks, gambles and ask as many questions as possible, too many at times. In 2010 I found my inner peace and I was searching for someone that could help me with my book. I saw this beautiful lady on facebook with this amazing profile and her eyes spoke to me. I didn't now her, but in my heart I felt that God had sent her my way to help me, as he has already laid the path that you walk and he puts people there that will be there for you. Everyone had left me by this time, I truly had no one left in my life as they just didn't have the courage to continue this journey that laid ahead. So I found that inner strength, that bravery and sent her my book manuscript. I just did it, I took that risk, as I always do things on impulse. Anyway I let my heart do all the talking and I had this trust in her, I didn't now her but I felt this warmth with her. 

To this day, this beautiful, amazing soul, my angel hasn't stopped helping me and together we have grown spiritually and we have this strong bond of this unconditional love. So glad that I took that gamble and was brave enough to take that risk. 

So keep asking and you to will find that one person that will never ever leave you standing alone. 

Night and God bless 

Sara x

We are all travelers on this journey of life

We are all soul travelers on this journey of life, some souls we will meet and some we will walk on by, or miss accidentally. But we have all come to earth to learn the vast amount of knowledge that this world has to offer us and we will be taking the teachings back to heaven, that place, that home that will be rewarded to us for eternity. 

As you travel on this path, always feel and observe your fellow travelers auras, that deep feeling as they will bring you the little teachings for you to learn from. Ask as many questions as possible and without hesitation, as that one answer might be the changing of you. With the information that you receive, pass it on to the next traveller that crosses your path, so they too can learn and pass onto the many travelers passing them too. 

You will come across some travelers that will not understand each other's journeys, the words spoken of but don't criticize, as it may not be your time to travel alongside of them as yet and you both keep to your own paths. 

Just remember this life is a journey, an experience that we have come to earth to learn from and the vast amount of teachings that we will learn, we will be taking back to our creators house. 

Have a great Saturday and for once, quieten your mind to feel the presence, those feelings of auras all around you. 

Love and Peace

Sara Khan 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Strength and Forgiveness

My word for tonight, STRENGTH, as on this journey you travel alone but our creator will always be our strength. 

I use the word forgiveness today and I completely understand those that haven't come to that stage in their healing process as yet. 

This is the place that I am at present with my journey and I write about my experiences that I am traveling at present. There was a point in my life where I would have being hurt with words thrown at my direction because of those that didn't understand me but that time has passed. 

Today I have the strength of my creator that strengthens my faith. 

I have learned on this path that our creator didn't write badness in anyone's destiny. He guides you, its up to you what path or direction you take.

Allah is always with me, so I will always love him, as he is my creator, my strength, that guides me on this beautiful journey on this earth plane and to him I will return when my work on earth comes to an end. 

I don't want to loose anyone because of our differences and our different journeys but I completely understand if you choose the latter. 

But my teachings that I get from this higher power are there and a day will come when all this will all make sense. 

Love and Peace

Sara Khan 

Forgive from the heart

As it's all about the word love today, forgiveness plays a big part in that journey of life. We will all have a past filled with regrets on our part or what others have put upon us. But we must try our upmost best to rectify the mistakes by putting it right and if we find that we can't, we must find it in our hearts to forgive. I know it can be so difficult and I can hear you saying, "no way am I able to forgive". If you don't forgive, you will find yourself carrying burdens, that heaviness on your shoulders and it will weigh you down. Try and change that, by letting go and giving back that pain to the rightful owner that gave it to you on the first place. Why do you carry it for them? As you forgive, you will find that heaviness shifting and in its place, love will develop. Even if it was a mistake on your own part, we all make mistakes as we are human and learn from it. In your heart, forgive yourself and watch as this overpowering love develops. 

That's love and I'm going to ask my guides for another word for tonight. 

Forgive and let go, in order for the love to develop......

Love Sara Khan 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

God loves the one that you hate the same

You may have luxuries today, but when you exit this world and step into your new home, that place which will be yours for eternity. 

The only thing that you will be taking back with you will be your soul containing your deeds and the materialistic worldly things will be all left behind. 

So always work on bettering yourself, living an honest life and one that contains trusting and love. 

Treat others no matter what colour or creed the way that you would want to be treated and never send out hatred, even to ones that have hurt you. 

Just remember God loves the ones that you hate the same as you, as in his eye your all the same. 

May God shower us all with his unconditional healing love and keep us a space in his home on our return back to heaven. 

Night and God bless

Sara Khan

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We are all strangers on earth but not in the spiritual world

We all start off as strangers in this world that our creator created for us but in the background, unknown to us there is a lot of activity that goes on in the universe. Most of us have never met, some maybe never will but for those that have found that link will communicate with each other by thought and our souls will always have that deep spiritual connection. Unknown to us, our guides, angels will be planning away in the spirit world and they will feed us words via thoughts. We will only now what that is if we listen to our gut, those feelings and ask those deep questions as to the why we are so connected. But not everyone will have the strength to follow that gut and for those that do will find out the reasons when the time is right for the answers to appear. 

So that stranger that once was just that, will no longer be that as that connection would have being made and our souls will continue with the work via the universes until we are both ready to work side by side on this beautiful earth that was a gift from our creator. 

Love Sara 

Friday, 4 October 2013

The tall walls will come thrashing down

My thoughts for today have being about silence and that quietness that surrounds us on a daily basis. No one nows what's behide those closed doors, those four walls that hide our true inner fears and those bricks that at times can be built so high that it can safely shield all our secrets. 

No matter what, those bricks that hide us from the outside world can be knocked back down and at times it can take an eternity from finding out the truth but a time does come when they do gets disclosed, that well hidden life that once upon time only you alone knew. 

Stay positive as the tall walls will come thrashing down and you will be free to tell your story. 

Insha Allah, God willing. 

Love Sara Khan

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The knock backs that are part of the journey

Had a very bad day :( but it doesn't matter and this won't be the last time that I will fall. There will be many more knock backs and like before I will keep getting back up. I'm not this scared and frightened women that I used to be, I am a survivor and I've survived my ordeal. For those that are emailing me and asking me the why's, all the information is on my profile. 

To the victims who are yet to become survivors, you will do it and let my story be an example. Don't let the people that hurt you take over that space in your head. As that's what they want, that control and that power.  Please don't end your life, live for you and you show them that you too can survive. There is so much help out there. Keep asking those questions and searching for those clues. Ask me and I will try my best to help you in anyway that I possibly can. If someone says no, question it and keep asking. You will get there. Together we will STOP child abuse and protect our children. 

But you will still fall many times like me but keep getting back up and each time you get up again, new strength within will develop. 

I might not have got justice as no one stood with me but believe me there's a lot of work that goes in the background. There's still loads of stones to overturn and I will get there. I was on my own when I started this journey but I have got the world standing alongside me know. Thank you so much for your support.  I have to be strong as I'm going to get so many questions asked of me when my book gets released. 

To my new friends, so sorry as I'm not normally like this! 

Going to bed, got a headache and hopefully tomorrow will be a new start. 

Love Sara :) 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dramatic drama

At this precise moment you might be going through a dramatic time in your life, all that drama and those negativity feelings showered towards your direction. But you keep your head up high, you pause and you take a few steps back to a time, that period that once upon time was full of loving energy, those memories, that magical moment and you focus on that. Be noble, step away from this dramatic drama that others will be displaying towards you, as they will be showing there true colors and only wanting to take you with them but you stand tall, be different, the better, the nicer, the warmer you. 

Have a great day, find the real you amongst all this dramatic drama that is displayed all around you and you show them that you are unique, different. 

Love Sara x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

My hubby saw my soul as he rushed to save someone

My hubby had to rush someone to hospital today as they had a reaction to a nut allergy. As he was driving like mad to get this person to hospital on his right shoulder he saw my soul spiritually standing beside him. I was dressed in a brown sari with red lipstick, smiling and giving him comfort. He said I stayed with him until he got to the hospital. He felt I was guiding him to get them there safely as he drove through red lights. At the same time I do remember I phoned him to say I was feeling so tired. This explains why I was so tired as my energy was being used spiritually elsewhere. I have never heard of this sort of experience before. As I thought our soul only travels while we are sleeping. I was fully awake when he saw me. This person could have died today if it wasn’t for my husband and me. As he was telling me I could see in his face the shock of disbelieve as to what had just happened and I had spirit with me at the same time.

Sara Khan

Unrequited love

In your lifetime, if your lucky you will love someone so deeply that the deep desire, those inner feelings that you will have for them and then there will be that unrequited, unwanted, one sided feeling that only you, yourself will feel. You will crave for that affection, that warmth and those arms of support to just hold you once. But as you wait patiently for that precise moment to take hold and that one touch of that flesh onto yours, that closeness, there will be none as it was always unrequited love, that one sided thought on your part alone. 

That sad, lonely time, those feelings, that sadness of that unwantedness does pass, as its ok to desire and crave that one love that you so desperately wanted in your life. But a time will come when you, yourself would have moved on with life, that journey, that path in front of you would have many new adventures and full of new love waiting to take hold of the one that will crave you equally the same and not just that unrequited behaviour that you once experienced. 

Want to thank sister Cheryl Beauchamp for giving me this amazing word, unrequited to work with as I thoroughly enjoyed using it. 

Love Sara Khan  

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Focus on your dreams

Finished plan A today and still managed to do little bit extra. It just needs you focus on your goals and you can achieve anything that you put your heart into. It needs you to believe in your dreams badly enough and you have got to want it. Never be afraid to ask and don't be dishearten when the answer comes back with a no or a blank, you will get loads of them but don't let it stop you from living your dream, that desire within. This is your dream and you have to do the hard work by finding the answers yourself. But along the way, do help others who might be struggling, and do stop to look back at what you have accomplished. 

Anyway, tomorrow is my plan B day which involves my PC and again it will be a learning process but I'm going to do it as its my responsibility to bring my dreams alive. 

Love Sara Khan 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My very first step was the hardest of them all

As my 40th birthday was approaching I sat down and looked at memories of my life that was, that past and all those deep hidden tears that I shed silently behind closed doors. 

They say life begins at forty and that is exactly when my life started to take change. From that day, that precise moment I took that first step and started to work on my baby steps to put my past right. The tears that followed while I was sorting my past out was the hardest that I had ever experienced in my life. I was born into a family that was huge and never ending, brothers that I loved with all my heart and for those that I kept this honour intact so they could prosper in their life. Now it was my turn, I had carried that entire burden on my shoulders and now this daughter, sister wanted their help, So I started to knock on doors of my blood family, that family that said I was their daughter, I cried my heart out and begged, please it’s my turn, I need you to hold this daughters hand. They did say, yes we will be there for you, yes it's your time now as you kept our honour, that respect that we so highly held in the community. However, when the time came, that time that this daughter dreamt about all her life, to be free of this hurt, they all walked away. One by one, all of them, family members became none. I was left with the small family that our creator had made for me, as he knew one day everyone was going to walk away, as that is how my destiny was written.

But I Sara didn't stay quiet for long as that long lost voice, that voice that everyone tried to make silent came louder day by day. As it got louder, it reached out to other victims who had been still searching for their voice. 

With strength and determination, I broke barriers, that stamina attached by our surroundings, that community that we call home, that place we call Izzat (Honour).

I showed others by my life experiences of what I had learned while I was searching for my answers, which I found were already within. I guided people that I met, in person or online that they too could move onto the next level. I used my steps that I took to show others the way forward. Everything that I learned I passed on the knowledge that was deep so deep inside me. I was a victim of child abuse and with me taking steps to put my life in order I became a survivor! I then encouraged other victims to do the same I showed them how, why and where I had gone for information. Most victims found it easier to communicate online as it gave them the security to stay anonymous. This has enabled other victims to reach out to me, ask me for help and guidance as there is this complete trust. I then use the connections that I have used, that journey that I took and send people in the correct direction to seek help. I do not only help victims; I am an inspirational life coach too and motivate people to take that first step in order to make a difference in their lives. It is not only online, as I talk to many people in Bradford when I am active. I approach people and start talking to them. Because of the person I am today, I have made friends from all walks of life, local, national and internationally.

I recently found my Islamic faith and I write my inspirational words on Social Networking sites, words that I get from my spiritual guides from the spirit world. I teach everyone that we are purely energy in a body that we call a shell and our thoughts can travel miles to reach recipient at the other side of the world. I have a vision, a dream of a peaceful world; I encourage others to send encouraging thoughts to who they wish, as they will get there. I have also been gifted a prayer book, a place where I write names and offer healing. When my prayers book is closed, all the churches, mosques and temples are praying for the people that are in my book. I also have a prayers site on Face book and together we write prayers for the oppressed. 

To date I am a powerful advocate, a leader for those that are still searching for their lost voice, a author. I receive referrals from all walks of life, which include sexual abuse victims and people with recurring nightmares where they see spirits. With my background, experience of the life that I have lived, I am able to offer spiritual guidance to them. 

I have a gift and can emphasis and sense others feelings when I get letters from people, as the words jump out and speak to me via thought. I feel, what the writer is expressing in their letter, and when I give feedback, there is shock of disbelief. My passion is to heal and support anyone that comes knocking on my door; I have made this my purpose in life. I believe as God held my hand, I will be there for anyone that asks me for support and will put all my heart in helping others until they find the courage to walk their journey on their own. That is the promise that I have given to God, who walks with me on this amazing spiritual journey of pure love and peace. 

My passion is to heal, help, and support with those words that come from within, which gives me strength to heal the world. I do most of my work, networking on my computer were I reach out to souls and build relationships, and with amazing results. I have a way of connecting with individuals and making magical transformations; I have being there and understand the pain that the victims are feeling. I also do one to one sessions, and victims are shocked when I reassure them with my answers. They have complete trust and faith in my abilities that I offer. 

I live in England with my husband, who is my rock and has stood at my side in my fight for justice. We are the proud parents of two amazing young boys, who are our world and will protect forever. My blood family lost a daughter, sister and the world gained a mother figure. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A gift to say thank you

A gift from me to say thank you for your warm wishes. 

Listen to my words

Love and Peace

Sara Khan 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Nation’s Hope of a New World of Awakening

The world leaders might have power, wealth but they don't have ownership of the universe and the higher power, that vibrating energy that surrounds our auras on a daily basis. The universe will pick up on our thoughts that we send out but they must be positive visions and the universe will work with us. 

We can save our world from another war occurring and live in a peaceful way and leave a legacy for our future generation that is to come into this world. 

Remember our creator is the higher power, that universe and he will listen to our thoughts that we send out into the universe. 
This is what I want you to do:

"In your mind, imagine a peaceful happy world and visualise a scene that is full of love" Dream it, visualise it and make it happen”!

Don't even think negative and don't watch the news as they're trying to put images in your mind to brainwash you. 

Let’s create "The Ummah's (Nation) a world" that is full of love and our creator will make our vision come alive. 


All praise is due to Allah (God) Almighty.

Monday, 26 August 2013

My visualisation of heaven, my final resting place and home for eternity.

In my imagination I have this picture that paradise is a beautiful place and out of this world. It consists of bright blue sky's, green grass that will be so soft to touch and flowers of all varieties. 

We will have houses with all floors, containing kitchen, living area and bedrooms. When you open the bedroom window, the view will be of the countryside and the sun will touch your face. The breeze will touch your skin, that sensation of calmness and peace all around you. 

There will be other souls and not 
necessarily your loved ones that are on earth now. There will be loved ones and other souls from other lives that have being traveling on your journey spiritually. 

We won't be communicating by voice, it will be via thoughts and there will be no bitterness, only loving echoes. You will hear birds humming, colourful butterflies and swans floating in the lake. There will be smells of fragrances, sweet perfume and essential oils. 

There will still be schools as you will still continue to grow and you will be taught by guides that have wisdom from higher guides that have being there hundreds of years. 

We won't have our bodies, just our souls and we will float everywhere. You will have that feeling of touch and there will be all sorts of fruits but you won't eat them physically but you will taste them via your imagination. 

There will be all sorts of levels and on each layer of sky there will be different kinds of souls. All souls will have to earn there place to reach each level, like a test. When you first cross over, there will be white light that you will go through. First level will be like a hospital for lost souls who are confused and scared of what has just happened to them, that death. Some will bypass this level as they have already grown spiritually on earth and have earned there place in paradise, a place of beauty, a place of pure peace. 

The top level will be the highest of the highest and that will be where our creator will be, waiting for his creation to return back home and to look at your life. 

Hell will be behide a glass and the souls that are residing there, will only look at this beauty and will take them thousands of years to earn their place in paradise. 

This is my views on what paradise will look like and only time will tell when it's my turn to return back home. 

Love and Peace

Sara Khan

Dear respected leaders of our world

8th July 2012-07-08

Dear respected leaders of our world,

I am writing to all of the one hundred and ninety-six world leaders of my message which I have been guided by our Creator to pass to you and your people of my desire to create peace amongst you and the good people of your country. There is a lot of hatred and crime in the world we live in today. When our Creator made us this wonderful world, He put in beautiful landscapes, the freshness of the breeze for us to feel, and food to stimulate the soul; the nutrients we need for us to gain energy.  He wanted us to experience this wonderful gift to gain knowledge and to explore, but man has destroyed all this to fulfil his greed instead of cherish the greatness of it.  If we don't wake up in the period of time that it takes the future of our generation of this world to come, there will be no legacy left to leave, which was a gift from our Creator.

You can lead your country, but in order for your people to follow you, the change starts from within and that is within you.  You must illustrate and demonstrate the true quality that your soul desires from you as a human being. You are only the shell that has come to this world to experience lessons of life, which you will understand in the afterlife, after the fullness of time when you are on your last breath on this earth plane. Do good and a thousand Angels will carry your soul to your Creator, where your life will be played back to you.  Your Creator will look at your heart, where everything has been registered and your deeds will be put in front of Him. You can start again, by asking for forgiveness and making today the start of this new life. Look at your life, make the changes and only then will you be able to feed goodness to your people.

You be the change first, as peace starts from within and all souls of your country will look up to you. They will start to take control of their life too as it's their responsibility and they are in charge of their life. Leaders can guide, hold their hand but again they are in charge of themselves and with every action that they take, they will discover the purpose of why their soul has come on earth! They can start today.

Leave it for another day, but the choice will always be theirs! If they are not sure as to what they want, ask them to sit in a quiet place and ask the most important person in their life and yes that is themselves, as they are in charge of their body. It belongs to them, they are the sole owner and then when their soul tells them the answer, they must trust in the reply, which will come in feelings and then must act. They need to take the magical steps and the first one is always the hardest but with time each step will get easier. So they must keep climbing that ladder of life and not look back, not until they get to the top!

They will get there and remember these magical words two thousand and twelve is one of the most amazing years of our time. This year is about change, hearts desires and for making dreams come alive. Tell them they don’t want to miss this opportunity to be that change the world so desperately needs. They will feel the energy all around them and that will be their Creator guiding them through their heart. But you as their leader must take the leading role and be the change first. When you give out goodness to your wonderful people, it will come back to you in thousands. This will give you more vibrating energy to do more goodness, and it will energise you further in the goals that your soul has come to earth to experience.

I have been bestowed with this message of pure peace to pass to the people of the world and it’s my honour as an ambassador for world peace that I do this with respect and dignity in mind.  My soul does send me those hidden answers to my questions, which I then listen to and act upon.  I have turned hurt in my life to pure inner peace and I have faith that in time that you too will achieve this.

Ambassador for world peace
Sara Khan
Author of “Life does get better, Peace within is found again”
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© Sara Khan 2012

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Forgive from the heart

Prayers: Allah forgives all previous sins of a person who sincerely worships Allah during the month of Ramadhan. During this month Allah's mercy and blessings are at their peak. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has said that during Ramadhan: "Allah says: 'Is there anyone who calls on me so that I can accept his prayers? Is there anyone who asks for anything so that I can fulfill his desires? Is there anyone who asks for forgiveness so that I can forgive" (Sahih Bukhafi - Kitab-ul-Tauheed). 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Have a blessed Ramadan

I would like to wish everyone a Blessed & Fruitful Ramadan. May it be a joyous month, a month of being closer to Allah and to feed your soul with beautiful words in order for it to develop spiritually to a point that you feel energised within. When you  reach that joyous point, that deep inner awakening, do not leave that feeling in this blessed month. Carry that sensation, that gift and treasure it for the rest of your living days so that you can take it back home with you when you meet your creator. 

We all know there is suffering all around the  world and our creator has put most of us in a good position that we are able to offer help, be it in wealth or in prayers. Do not display negative images of our Muslim Ummah's as what you put out is what you attract back for them. This is the time to show the positive side and help them by showing that you can play a role in changing their lives for the better. 

May Allah accept everyones fasts and may he purify your intentions so the rewards can be multiplied in triple numbers for you to feel forever. 


Sara Khan 

Friday, 5 July 2013

I went on a spiritual journey of self discovery, which took 20 years to find the answers were already within

I was going through depression and memory’s of what I had being through in my child hood. One night I cried so much and made myself not wanting to go to sleep. What happened next was really frightening as I had never experienced anything like this before. 

(I have never taken depression tablets) I had a out of body experience (That’s when your soul comes out your body). This really frightened me and I was scared as I had no idea what was happening. While I was out of my body I saw other souls and experienced lots of frightening things.

This carried on for twenty years and it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. In the end I said whoever was with me to leave me alone. It stopped for a bit until I had an accident and this brought it all back again. I started to come out my body again, I saw souls and my own soul. 

I decided to find out what and why it was happening to me. I also found out how to stop my soul coming out of my body and keep myself balanced by grounding myself. As I was learning I became very spiritual and often I would get visits from the spirit world. It would only happen on awakening as I was more relaxed. I have seen my guides and my baby that I lost few years ago. I have experienced a lot of amazing things and I do have different guides around me. I can tell by different fragrances and their scents. 

So you see I really do hear angels. It’s started off as a buzzing sound and slowly turning to music.