Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We are all strangers on earth but not in the spiritual world

We all start off as strangers in this world that our creator created for us but in the background, unknown to us there is a lot of activity that goes on in the universe. Most of us have never met, some maybe never will but for those that have found that link will communicate with each other by thought and our souls will always have that deep spiritual connection. Unknown to us, our guides, angels will be planning away in the spirit world and they will feed us words via thoughts. We will only now what that is if we listen to our gut, those feelings and ask those deep questions as to the why we are so connected. But not everyone will have the strength to follow that gut and for those that do will find out the reasons when the time is right for the answers to appear. 

So that stranger that once was just that, will no longer be that as that connection would have being made and our souls will continue with the work via the universes until we are both ready to work side by side on this beautiful earth that was a gift from our creator. 

Love Sara 


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