Saturday, 28 September 2013

My hubby saw my soul as he rushed to save someone

My hubby had to rush someone to hospital today as they had a reaction to a nut allergy. As he was driving like mad to get this person to hospital on his right shoulder he saw my soul spiritually standing beside him. I was dressed in a brown sari with red lipstick, smiling and giving him comfort. He said I stayed with him until he got to the hospital. He felt I was guiding him to get them there safely as he drove through red lights. At the same time I do remember I phoned him to say I was feeling so tired. This explains why I was so tired as my energy was being used spiritually elsewhere. I have never heard of this sort of experience before. As I thought our soul only travels while we are sleeping. I was fully awake when he saw me. This person could have died today if it wasn’t for my husband and me. As he was telling me I could see in his face the shock of disbelieve as to what had just happened and I had spirit with me at the same time.

Sara Khan

Unrequited love

In your lifetime, if your lucky you will love someone so deeply that the deep desire, those inner feelings that you will have for them and then there will be that unrequited, unwanted, one sided feeling that only you, yourself will feel. You will crave for that affection, that warmth and those arms of support to just hold you once. But as you wait patiently for that precise moment to take hold and that one touch of that flesh onto yours, that closeness, there will be none as it was always unrequited love, that one sided thought on your part alone. 

That sad, lonely time, those feelings, that sadness of that unwantedness does pass, as its ok to desire and crave that one love that you so desperately wanted in your life. But a time will come when you, yourself would have moved on with life, that journey, that path in front of you would have many new adventures and full of new love waiting to take hold of the one that will crave you equally the same and not just that unrequited behaviour that you once experienced. 

Want to thank sister Cheryl Beauchamp for giving me this amazing word, unrequited to work with as I thoroughly enjoyed using it. 

Love Sara Khan