Saturday, 2 November 2013

Diwali celebrations and those memories

Since it's Diwali, I fancy some jalibi and praying that I don't go back to memory lane, as I do have some amazing memories stored in there. 

Tell you a quick story though: 

Every Diwali, my grandmother used to go to the corner shop and get all the family jalibi's and they were just so out of this world. The family was massive too, but she still went and bought them as she loved us. 

I do miss my grandmother and I am lucky in a way, as she travels along side of me on this amazing journey of a lifetime, showering that scent that is only known to me. 

Think I will have to get hubby to get me some jalbi's.... 

Hope my grandmother is happy though, as I am missing her so much. 

And I've not cried yet, but those tears are at the back of my head and they can stay there as Allah has blessed me with such an beautiful family that love me for the person that I am. 

Love Sara
 — feeling like crying, but will be strong.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Your never alone, Jumma Mubarak

Allah (God) created you, gave you life and gifted you the goodness of the world that you live in.

He gave you goodness, happiness and joy for you to enjoy, as he never gives out badness. Then, why do you give in to the worldly problems that your faced with? 

Do you think his going to leave you to face them all by yourself? Just ask him and he will be ten steps ahead of you. He will already know the answer to your questions, even before you ask and he will have that answer already. 

But he does ask you to be patient and for you to silence your mind, in order to receive his answer that he has prepared for you. 

Never think that your all alone, as that will never be the case and he will be there for you forever. 

Live your life to the fullest and tackle each problem as it comes your way. But never give up on the life that he gifted to you to enjoy and to learn from. 

So that you could take all that teaching back and climb the magical steps to seventh heaven, your place that will be your home for eternity. 

Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed friday.

Love Sara Khan 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A gift of joy, those tears that return

With each tear that you would have shred in life, they will have a value attached to it and if you find that those tears have returned again, that will only mean that our creator is adding more amazing gifts to your life for you to enjoy in this present life. 

Not upset, just felt like giving a gift of joy to the world to enjoy too. 

Night and God bless 

Love Sara Khan 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wondering why I was chosen

Wondering why Allah chose me to receive this beautiful divine, those amazing scents that are showered all around me, the angels humming in both my ears, the spiritual bright lights shining on my bedroom wall at night. As I do make many mistakes, I do things without thinking, I say what ever is on my mind, I take risks, I can't spell, I love very, very deeply and I defiantly don't think, I just go ahead with what my thoughts direct me to do as there is that trust factor involved. 

Maybe it's because my heart is so pure and Allah loves me dearly. Mind, my heart hasn't always being this pure, a lot of hard work, building bridges with my inner self and loving me as a whole package, that beautiful soul that resides within me might be the reason why. 

I don't now all the answers but I will learn with each step that I take and Allah will send good souls my way that will guide me on this beautiful path. 

Love Sara Khan 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My primary Guide came showering her scent

My primary Guide was with me again this evening, showering that sweet violet perfume that is unique to me. 

For those that have being to Dubai, there is a scent in all the malls, hotels of this beautiful perfume that my guide from the spirit world showers all around me. 

She has guided me on this amazing journey and I've acted on those thoughts that she sends, but as always I'm in charge of my soul. 

The thought that she comes with feels good and as usual I will act as its my direction in life, that guidance. 

Love Sara