Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wondering why I was chosen

Wondering why Allah chose me to receive this beautiful divine, those amazing scents that are showered all around me, the angels humming in both my ears, the spiritual bright lights shining on my bedroom wall at night. As I do make many mistakes, I do things without thinking, I say what ever is on my mind, I take risks, I can't spell, I love very, very deeply and I defiantly don't think, I just go ahead with what my thoughts direct me to do as there is that trust factor involved. 

Maybe it's because my heart is so pure and Allah loves me dearly. Mind, my heart hasn't always being this pure, a lot of hard work, building bridges with my inner self and loving me as a whole package, that beautiful soul that resides within me might be the reason why. 

I don't now all the answers but I will learn with each step that I take and Allah will send good souls my way that will guide me on this beautiful path. 

Love Sara Khan 


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