Saturday, 2 November 2013

Diwali celebrations and those memories

Since it's Diwali, I fancy some jalibi and praying that I don't go back to memory lane, as I do have some amazing memories stored in there. 

Tell you a quick story though: 

Every Diwali, my grandmother used to go to the corner shop and get all the family jalibi's and they were just so out of this world. The family was massive too, but she still went and bought them as she loved us. 

I do miss my grandmother and I am lucky in a way, as she travels along side of me on this amazing journey of a lifetime, showering that scent that is only known to me. 

Think I will have to get hubby to get me some jalbi's.... 

Hope my grandmother is happy though, as I am missing her so much. 

And I've not cried yet, but those tears are at the back of my head and they can stay there as Allah has blessed me with such an beautiful family that love me for the person that I am. 

Love Sara
 — feeling like crying, but will be strong.


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