Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just had a thought, rejoice in all religions

Allah (God) created us all and he is that thought in each of us. He guides each of us on our paths, be it different religions, creed and colour but he is that thought and he is one in all of us. We are one, each and every one of us on a different path, but the message is the same and that is to become one, rejoice in all religions, creed and colour.
Life is a plan, that is already set in place and our creator has a plan, that is to rejoice in all mankind. This is his big plan and you are all playing that part to live in harmony and peace. So let's think and be wise and create that harmony and peace that will better us and the world we live in.

Have a great day, learn to respect all religions and rejoice. 

Love Sara Khan


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