Thursday, 7 November 2013

A story for Jumma-A tree of life

A tree has a life of its own, it's routes go deep into the ground, deeper into the earth that we sow our food and when it reaches the very bottom the routes will come back up to the surface, holding the tree very securely in place. As it sprouts it's branches, it will grow and it can become any shape or form that it is written in its destiny by Allah. The tree will also have that free will, that choice and those feelings like us humans, as its alive. 

In a way, we are all like trees and growing with the nutrient that feeds us to gain that knowledge that is all around us. Our bodies are held firmly by this higher force and our legs are grounded solidly to the ground that goes deep into the soil spiritually. Like a tree, we will also branch out and experience the four seasons of change as each one takes place. 

We are all protected by our creator as we are its creations, any shape or form. 

Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed Friday. Find it in your heart to branch out to experience the worldly gifts that have being placed before us. 

Love Sara Khan 


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