Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Year and New You

New Year and a new you new beginnings our creator made us all with love. If your faced with challenges and struggles in life. They are only temporary, as life changes with hard work and Allah (God) didn't put an ounce of badness in our destiny. We have brain and brawn & have the knowledge to choose from right and wrong each of us have free choices, that free will and to do the right thing. If you find that you have hatred for someone, turn it into love and you will find that it comes back from other sources in treble numbers.

Keep on spreading that vast amount of love and be at peace as life does get better.

Love Sara Khan

Powerful words to conquer in life

Forgiveness, Love, Jealousy, Betrayal, Commitment are very powerful words and many of the above words you will have felt at some. 

The person that has and can conquer all these values and have had them imbedded in their hearts are the most powerful souls. 

We should all aim for this achievement in our lives and it is achievable.

Have a great day and look at your 
accomplishments that you have conquered in your beautiful life. 

Love Sara Khan