Sunday, 10 November 2013

No more man made wars

It's Remembrance Day today, year in the memory of those who have been affected in all conflicts.

Let's say a prayer to those that have lost ensuring that people remember those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.

Irrelevant of creed or colour ...Let's pray for countries that are still at war and the many lives that will be lost because man hasn't learn't the art of communicating yet. May that day be soon, where everyone will learn to live in peace and harmony. Let's visualize a day that will be filled with love so all will sort their differences out. 

My message as always, let there be no more man made WARS and we peace activists will continue to spread PEACE. 

May God guide us all. 

"The world will hold a 2 minute silence but we will remember everyone that has gone to the spirit world before their time" 


Love Sara Khan


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