Tuesday, 15 October 2013

God loves the one that you hate the same

You may have luxuries today, but when you exit this world and step into your new home, that place which will be yours for eternity. 

The only thing that you will be taking back with you will be your soul containing your deeds and the materialistic worldly things will be all left behind. 

So always work on bettering yourself, living an honest life and one that contains trusting and love. 

Treat others no matter what colour or creed the way that you would want to be treated and never send out hatred, even to ones that have hurt you. 

Just remember God loves the ones that you hate the same as you, as in his eye your all the same. 

May God shower us all with his unconditional healing love and keep us a space in his home on our return back to heaven. 

Night and God bless

Sara Khan


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