Friday, 18 October 2013

Forgive from the heart

As it's all about the word love today, forgiveness plays a big part in that journey of life. We will all have a past filled with regrets on our part or what others have put upon us. But we must try our upmost best to rectify the mistakes by putting it right and if we find that we can't, we must find it in our hearts to forgive. I know it can be so difficult and I can hear you saying, "no way am I able to forgive". If you don't forgive, you will find yourself carrying burdens, that heaviness on your shoulders and it will weigh you down. Try and change that, by letting go and giving back that pain to the rightful owner that gave it to you on the first place. Why do you carry it for them? As you forgive, you will find that heaviness shifting and in its place, love will develop. Even if it was a mistake on your own part, we all make mistakes as we are human and learn from it. In your heart, forgive yourself and watch as this overpowering love develops. 

That's love and I'm going to ask my guides for another word for tonight. 

Forgive and let go, in order for the love to develop......

Love Sara Khan 


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