Friday, 18 October 2013

Strength and Forgiveness

My word for tonight, STRENGTH, as on this journey you travel alone but our creator will always be our strength. 

I use the word forgiveness today and I completely understand those that haven't come to that stage in their healing process as yet. 

This is the place that I am at present with my journey and I write about my experiences that I am traveling at present. There was a point in my life where I would have being hurt with words thrown at my direction because of those that didn't understand me but that time has passed. 

Today I have the strength of my creator that strengthens my faith. 

I have learned on this path that our creator didn't write badness in anyone's destiny. He guides you, its up to you what path or direction you take.

Allah is always with me, so I will always love him, as he is my creator, my strength, that guides me on this beautiful journey on this earth plane and to him I will return when my work on earth comes to an end. 

I don't want to loose anyone because of our differences and our different journeys but I completely understand if you choose the latter. 

But my teachings that I get from this higher power are there and a day will come when all this will all make sense. 

Love and Peace

Sara Khan 


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