Sunday, 20 October 2013

Messages on billboards from above

"She cares and wants us to be happy"

As I read the above sentence that was sent to me, I felt choked as my heart truly cares about the world that we are living in and at the same time our creator loves us dearly too. 

But I've promised this Ummah, my brother in Islam that I would share a funny story with the world tonight. 

I have always said that our creator sends us messages in many ways, be it in thoughts, bill boards, so yes really pay attention to them advertisements as they contain many signs and in dreams, the list continues. 

My story: 

"One day I was walking along, it was a wet rainy day and all of a suddenly I fell onto my knees, my hands raised into the air and this was the early days of the time I came onto the Islamic path. It was funny in a way, although it hurt a little too and no one was around, so I had a giggle as I do intend to laugh to myself on the funniest things that I do. But to me, in my funniness way there was a bigger picture with this incident and a message from powers above. Allah was telling me to pray and this was one of his ways, told in an action sort of a way"!

So always look at your actions as everything that you do in life has a meaning and then search for that answer. 

SubhanAllah, we are the creations of our creator and if we show laughter, he will laugh alongside of us too.

Love and Peace 

Sara Khan 


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