Monday, 21 October 2013

My magic mountain

In life you will have mountains to climb just to get to the top. You will fall back down again, and again. You will stand back up and again there will be other obstacles that come in the way. You just keep climbing and don't look back down until you get to the very top. On the way, you will find other souls; do stop to help them on their journey too. When you get to the top of this magic mountain there you will find the hand of God. He will hold out his hand and reach out for yours. Hold that hand tight as that is your good earned reward. Close your eyes and you will feel the peace that will come from within. Your soul will awaken! You will be free of the burden that you carried for so long. Then you can look back down from this magic mountain. You will slowly climb back down and hold out your hand to the next person that will need you to be there strength. You are now that soul that will be there for others.

Love Sara Khan 


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