Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Nation’s Hope of a New World of Awakening

The world leaders might have power, wealth but they don't have ownership of the universe and the higher power, that vibrating energy that surrounds our auras on a daily basis. The universe will pick up on our thoughts that we send out but they must be positive visions and the universe will work with us. 

We can save our world from another war occurring and live in a peaceful way and leave a legacy for our future generation that is to come into this world. 

Remember our creator is the higher power, that universe and he will listen to our thoughts that we send out into the universe. 
This is what I want you to do:

"In your mind, imagine a peaceful happy world and visualise a scene that is full of love" Dream it, visualise it and make it happen”!

Don't even think negative and don't watch the news as they're trying to put images in your mind to brainwash you. 

Let’s create "The Ummah's (Nation) a world" that is full of love and our creator will make our vision come alive. 


All praise is due to Allah (God) Almighty.


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