Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My very first step was the hardest of them all

As my 40th birthday was approaching I sat down and looked at memories of my life that was, that past and all those deep hidden tears that I shed silently behind closed doors. 

They say life begins at forty and that is exactly when my life started to take change. From that day, that precise moment I took that first step and started to work on my baby steps to put my past right. The tears that followed while I was sorting my past out was the hardest that I had ever experienced in my life. I was born into a family that was huge and never ending, brothers that I loved with all my heart and for those that I kept this honour intact so they could prosper in their life. Now it was my turn, I had carried that entire burden on my shoulders and now this daughter, sister wanted their help, So I started to knock on doors of my blood family, that family that said I was their daughter, I cried my heart out and begged, please it’s my turn, I need you to hold this daughters hand. They did say, yes we will be there for you, yes it's your time now as you kept our honour, that respect that we so highly held in the community. However, when the time came, that time that this daughter dreamt about all her life, to be free of this hurt, they all walked away. One by one, all of them, family members became none. I was left with the small family that our creator had made for me, as he knew one day everyone was going to walk away, as that is how my destiny was written.

But I Sara didn't stay quiet for long as that long lost voice, that voice that everyone tried to make silent came louder day by day. As it got louder, it reached out to other victims who had been still searching for their voice. 

With strength and determination, I broke barriers, that stamina attached by our surroundings, that community that we call home, that place we call Izzat (Honour).

I showed others by my life experiences of what I had learned while I was searching for my answers, which I found were already within. I guided people that I met, in person or online that they too could move onto the next level. I used my steps that I took to show others the way forward. Everything that I learned I passed on the knowledge that was deep so deep inside me. I was a victim of child abuse and with me taking steps to put my life in order I became a survivor! I then encouraged other victims to do the same I showed them how, why and where I had gone for information. Most victims found it easier to communicate online as it gave them the security to stay anonymous. This has enabled other victims to reach out to me, ask me for help and guidance as there is this complete trust. I then use the connections that I have used, that journey that I took and send people in the correct direction to seek help. I do not only help victims; I am an inspirational life coach too and motivate people to take that first step in order to make a difference in their lives. It is not only online, as I talk to many people in Bradford when I am active. I approach people and start talking to them. Because of the person I am today, I have made friends from all walks of life, local, national and internationally.

I recently found my Islamic faith and I write my inspirational words on Social Networking sites, words that I get from my spiritual guides from the spirit world. I teach everyone that we are purely energy in a body that we call a shell and our thoughts can travel miles to reach recipient at the other side of the world. I have a vision, a dream of a peaceful world; I encourage others to send encouraging thoughts to who they wish, as they will get there. I have also been gifted a prayer book, a place where I write names and offer healing. When my prayers book is closed, all the churches, mosques and temples are praying for the people that are in my book. I also have a prayers site on Face book and together we write prayers for the oppressed. 

To date I am a powerful advocate, a leader for those that are still searching for their lost voice, a author. I receive referrals from all walks of life, which include sexual abuse victims and people with recurring nightmares where they see spirits. With my background, experience of the life that I have lived, I am able to offer spiritual guidance to them. 

I have a gift and can emphasis and sense others feelings when I get letters from people, as the words jump out and speak to me via thought. I feel, what the writer is expressing in their letter, and when I give feedback, there is shock of disbelief. My passion is to heal and support anyone that comes knocking on my door; I have made this my purpose in life. I believe as God held my hand, I will be there for anyone that asks me for support and will put all my heart in helping others until they find the courage to walk their journey on their own. That is the promise that I have given to God, who walks with me on this amazing spiritual journey of pure love and peace. 

My passion is to heal, help, and support with those words that come from within, which gives me strength to heal the world. I do most of my work, networking on my computer were I reach out to souls and build relationships, and with amazing results. I have a way of connecting with individuals and making magical transformations; I have being there and understand the pain that the victims are feeling. I also do one to one sessions, and victims are shocked when I reassure them with my answers. They have complete trust and faith in my abilities that I offer. 

I live in England with my husband, who is my rock and has stood at my side in my fight for justice. We are the proud parents of two amazing young boys, who are our world and will protect forever. My blood family lost a daughter, sister and the world gained a mother figure. 


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