Friday, 10 August 2012

The lost voice within

We all have a voice but for most it's lost deep within. You want to shout, scream but the words will not come out. You would try, but the words are stuck at the back of your throat. Others will speak, you will listen but still you can't get that voice out. This can go on for years, that lost voice lost to the world. No one nows what it wants to say but you and because of this, no one knows who you really are. You will sit there, looking into space and at everyones faces! You want to speak, say how you feel and just scream. Because your not using your voice, no one knows who you are. You can sit there all day and say nothing to no one. Then little by little and that first step, you use that voice. It might start of with one word, a question or two but you've used it. Then you will find the courage to continue to use it but know that you've found that lost voice, don't put it back. Keep talking and with time, you will get onto the next step. That was your lost voice within, found safely for you all to enjoy again.

There is people in this world who can't cry either, but that's another story.

Sara Khan


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