Saturday, 11 August 2012

Allah never leaves you

Allah never leaves you, people leave him as he gave us free will, so that we are able to make choices in life. He trusts us to make the right ones, but
sometimes we think we now best and we go our different ways. But you do make your way back, find the right path that you stumbled off. He will always be there guiding you, watching you and wiping them tears. So if you are feeling lost, close your eyes and feel. You will feel a breeze on your face, that touch, that deep feeling and that is Allah.

If you need to go back on the very first step that you started from, that is fine.

Insha Allah if he wills it, it will happen the way he wrote it! Who are we to argue with our creator.

All will be well as you never walk on your path alone.

Got so many new steps in front of me, but will tread slowly.

Can't stop singing this song! Allah Jaane, he knows best! Just feeling so happy and this feeling is so amazing.

Insha Allah

I am at my bench and I do always meet lovely souls here. Yes, I do talk about my spiritual journey and Allah.

Sara Khan


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