Saturday, 11 August 2012

Take a few steps back

Always take a few steps back in life and evaluate where you came from. You might be at a beautiful place right know but do go back and help others. Let them know that their light too can shine with every step that they take! Every experience that you would have had in your life it came so you could teach and everything in life does happen for a reason! Lessons never will stop coming your way. This is a magic year for me and I can feel it but need to take a few steps back, as on this amazing journey I've left my soul partner be hide. His one of the reasons that I'm on this path, as he asked me one question and with the answer that I gave him he still stood with me. (the question and answer is in my book, which will be launched soon). For me to continue on my journey I'm going back for him as this journey would mean nothing without my soul partner as I do love him dearly. So working on some steps to win him back as failure isn't an option and his my world.

Remember God chooses soul partners before you come onto the earth plane and who am I to disrespect his wishes.

Sara Khan


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