Saturday, 11 August 2012

As you go through life

As you go through life and finely see the end in sight. It will be emotional looking back at what once was and how far you have come. What a journey you would have had and look at what is waiting at the top of this amazing ladder of life. My message as always if something needs fixing it's your job. Your life, your responsibility and your in charge. So stand up and take back what was already yours and take control. There will still be times when you fall back down. Be strong and stand up and fight. There is allot of support out there. Strangers who you would never have met will reach out their hand. Hold that hand tight and never let go. Have faith in yourself as you are strong. Be that person that you attended to be. Believe me I have had so many knock backs but I keep getting back up. I know the ending of this life story as I have wrote it.

I will always be there for anyone who asks me for support and I will give you that strength that you need. If not in person but spiritually. I will never let go of your hand until you say you are ready to walk alone.

Have a lovely evening, as I'm so busy tonight! Got so many ideas buzzing in my head. One step at a time! I will get to the top of this ladder of life. Don't know when and how but remember hard work pays!

For everyone that is waiting for my book! Remember everything is already written in our destiny and I can't rush what is about to happen. It will be out soon and believe me there will be tears!

Love and peace

Sara Khan


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