Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Those silent tears within

I've silently cried deep down inside and if you look at this picture very closely, you will see in my eyes that this was my saddest moment that  day. This was the moment that I looked at my life and thought to myself, I just can't carry on like this. I need to live for me, my boys and my life time partner. 

From that precise moment, that week, those incidents that occurred that day, I decided that I was going to come first, live for me and the tears that came when I made that big decision was the worst that I had ever experienced

I'd cried so much I felt like this is it and I was at a total loss as each member of my blood family deserted me on my darkest hour but as I took those tiny steps that followed, one by one, my life slowly started to change for the better and a new life was born, the new me that you see today. 

Tonight I want you to pay attention to your eyes as they hold all your answers to your life and they are the closest that you will ever come to when communicating to your soul. 

Night and God bless

Love Sara Khan


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