Monday, 13 February 2012

Be that change, yes start from within

To change the world, first you must change you. I have done that and that is why I named the book I wrote “Life does get better Peace within is found again.” It is amazing and the feeling is immense finding the real you. I am so lucky to have found inner peace in my 40’s. It can take someone a life time and still not find their inner peace.
First step look at your life and if something needs sorting, sort it. Second step love yourself first and only then will you be able to show love to others. Always be positive and give out unconditional love to anyone you may meet. Even love your enemy as one day they too will need guidance. You don’t have to tell them to their face just send out positive vibes.

All my words that I write are yours to keep. Read them with your heart and let your healing begin. They are a gift from God and wisdom from others before my time. I do feel blessed as spirit world never stop showing me how much they love me. I had some more amazing spiritual experiences last night. I did feel light as all the worries that I collect from your shoulders during the day were taken away. Every souls heart I touch you will forever be in my heart until my dying days.

Remember we all have come to this earth plane to learn different lessons. Let everyone run their own life how they choose! You can guide someone but they have their own path to follow their way so let them be.



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