Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inner Child within

Extract from my book! Felt it needed to be shared! It does trigger so be careful but let it heal you!

The little girl inside me, the inner me, has come out and it is up to me to free her fully. It wasn’t her fault, and I have to let her know that there are no secrets. It is my responsibility to take care of her, and I will help her.
I close my eyes, and hold out my hand, to reach her hand. I hold it tight and will never let it go again; it is my responsibility to look after her. By just talking to my inner child and telling her this, I will take the pain away. She wants to be free of all this hurt. If you have suffered too in this way, you need to be in charge too; you have to help the child in you, tell them in your mind not to be scared and that you are here to protect them. Hold their hand tight, tighter and never let it go again. Send them lots of unconditional love. Tell them that you love them, that you will always be there for them, and will never let go of that hand. It is your duty as the owner, to be responsible for the child in you.

Hope this helps anyone that needs to hear this message.

Remember on your journey of life, God will always be at your side. Feel that breeze, that touch on your face, that feeling as that is God within.

Sara x


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