Friday, 22 June 2012

Let's all send out loving thoughts of prayer to the world

Dear brothers and sisters of the world. Will you all stand with me as I send out loving thoughts of prayer and much needed heeling to everyone that is suffering around the world. We might not be there in person but our thoughts are very powerful and will reach their souls. The universe will carry our thoughts that we send out to them. Let's tell them that the world is feeling their pain and their tears are felt! let's reach out our hand and offer them the support that they seek. We are all in this together as their pain belongs to us.

To all the leaders of the world, just remember that God is watching. He gave you free will to make choices and he trusted in you! Your time will come when you return back home and your life will be played back to you. Just be prepared to watch and you will have to relive your sins in the other world. You can ask for forgiveness and correct your ways but the choice is yours.

Let's all send out loving healing prayers and much needed support to everyone that is oppressed.

Ameen ~ Sara Khan


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