Friday, 14 June 2013

I can finely say the cravings have passed

Those cravings of missing loved ones, yes I can finely say I made it through today. It was my mums birthday today and no I didn't make that phone call. After the disaster of the events that folded before my eyes the last time, that time I found out that there was more victims created because of this silence and family honour meaning more then their daughters. To some it might seem like I'm this cold hearted women who has no respect for my elders but believe me that's not the case. I know what would have happened if I made that phone call, more pain, sorrow and again taken back to that dark place. This time I chose my feelings, I chose to be selfish and look after the family that our creator made in the place of the loss of those thousands of family members who said that they would love me for ever but when my time came, they all walked away.

Life does get better and its true, you do find that peace within again. I like it at the place that I've found myself at, helping others and no I won't go back to that awful place that was full of nightmares.

But will you all help me by sending loving prayers to everyone that's walked away from my life as I will never ever send hate back to them. May they all be at peace and forever stay blessed as this daughter loves them very much, those brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles and everyone else that came into my life to teach me a lesson.

Great, got tears in my eyes. :( but you all know me, I'm made of strong stuff and will bring myself out this state.

Allah knows best, after all his one of the greatest planners of our lives and we must have trust in him.


Love Sara Khan


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