Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy Lohri

Lohri (Is a festival, celebrated by Punjabi people of Indian )..And has many happy mixed memories for me as I was growing up. On every Lohri my lovely grandmother would buy jalabi (an Indian sweet) for all our extended families and my grandfather would give us gifts. But this soon changed when I married a Muslim and I was left out of all the family celebrations. It did hurt as I stood back and watched all my siblings getting gifts but for me it wasn't the fact that I didn't get the gifts, I missed the affection, the loving feeling, the atmosphere that I once had. 

Anyway, Happy Lohri to everyone that's celebrating today and if you've being forgotten, don't worry as you have God that will be looking down on you and he will never forget his creation that he created. 

Love Sara Khan


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