Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Send me some healing energy at 7:30 tonight

Can I ask you guys to send me some positive energy at 7:30pm tonight as I live my dream! Yes, all dreams come true as I am finding out! This is just the beginning of this amazing journey that I have stumbled across as I listened to my gut, my inner feelings

They say life begins at forty and you have to live it to see how true that saying is. When I turned forty I found I had goals that I wanted to achieve. I never had goals in my life and really was just living life, yes just that. I know exactly what I want now in life and I'm enjoying this amazing journey to get to that big goal that I have set myself. I can see the end, it's looking good and everything is coming together for me. Remember it's your life and you’re in control. Take back what belongs to you and it will not be easy. You will get knock backs, but keep standing back up! You owe that to the most important person in this world and that is "you"!

I have being working very hard and I am asking for you guys to send me some positive energy at 7:30pm tonight as I stand in front of the public and give a talk on my philosophy of life and do mediumship. As you send it I will feel this energy and will receive it with love.

As a thank you a small gift from me

Ask and you will receive but do it with a clean heart. If your soul is pure, it will work that magic on your behalf. If you’re not ready, work on your steps and make changes in your life! Then listen to your gut, that feeling as that is your inner soul sending you messages. Be brave and act on that feeling as that is your future. Life will not change overnight but it will with time. Don't give up on the first try, keep going and motivate you. You have come to this earth plane with a mission, so dig deep into your soul as all the answers are within.

Thank you

Sara Khan

29th February 7:30pm

Yes, all dreams do manifest into reality! Just ask, and I will guide you too.


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