Monday, 19 March 2012

What families would do for the sake of "Family honour "

What families would do for the sake of  "Family honour " no one truly knows until you lived through it ! The pain, hurt and sadness that you have to go through to keep their precious honour intact. 

Some of the symptoms of family honour,being emotionally blackmailed drained with their lies of what will happen if you speak up! 

Family name is so important to them and they will do anything to protect it! 

Yes, they will watch you take over dose after over dose!  Watch as your stomach is pumped and still no help is offered! Slitting Cutting self harm does not make a difference,you can  cry and bleed as the pain would make you feel better! 
Families, yes that word families they should be there to protect and keep their blood safe! But no, Family Honour will always come first! 

Even the young or your siblings will disown you, you would think that in this day and age they would know better. In the end, mentally and physically drained with the torture you either live life their way ,or you break away! 

It is sad, when you have to walk away from your blood relatives to get that inner peace that you yearn for. In time, and with a fight you do get there. Those barriers of steal do get broken and you do get to see the light. 

They lost the daughter that they said they would protect and love forever and the world held out their hand and gained a daughter!

If anyone is living through this pain, sadness and honour! Be strong, find the strength and break free! It will be hard at first but with time, it will get easier. 

Yes, you will find the love within and you will start to respect the child within! Them deep cravings for your blood relatives and siblings will pass and in time will become a distant memory.
You will look at what you have got in front of your eyes and you will keep looking. That love will grow within and you will have some spare, lots of it! That spare love you will share with the world, as this inner peace that you feel isn't for you to keep locked in, it's to share!

So yes, life truly does get better and you do find that peace within.

Love Sara x

Love breaking barriers of steal! And do send loving thoughts to everyone that said, they loved you. As one day they too will need guidance. 


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