Monday, 26 March 2012

Lessons never stop coming

In life there will be many lessons sent your way, and there will always be reasons as to why! More teaching, learning and to progress further! But never blame the person delivering this message, as the lesson had to be learned! But the question is, what did you learn from the experience? This world is full of corruption and hatred. I now, as I face it on a regular basis. Why people can't love and just get on, I will never now but that's their choice, their destiny that they chose to live on mother earth. Yes, I'm different and I now I don't fit in, but this is how I planned my destiny. Yes, I've put up a fight to become the person that I am today but I am proud to be me! We have done religion so won't even go there! I was right on that too!

To find this divine within is so powerful and I do urge you to find it too but it does come with a price.

Remember all the answers that we search our within! Just needs you to dig deep and search.

Love and peace

Sara x


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