Monday, 16 April 2012


When you have found a safe place, a belonging and something that you can call home! Then you will find that there is no need to go back and look at what was then! For this is where you belong, in this life time and this present time. Yes, have a glance at what was once, as them memories do stay imbedded as you are only human. But do bring yourself back, as this is where you belong and what you have made is for you to enjoy! Yes, life made you the person that you are today and be proud, stand tall and be counted! You made that difference and it really isn't for you to keep locked in! You must share it with the world and gift it to them to enjoy too. For they too search what you have found, hold their hand and guide them too the light! Together you will make that change, that difference and be proud of what you have become.

Love and peace

Sara Khan


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