Thursday, 26 April 2012

Your in charge of your life

Peace within starts from just that within, so take control of your life as it's yours and your in charge. Others can guide, hold your hand but again your in charge of you! You can start today, leave it for another day, but the choice will always be yours. If your not sure as to what you want, sit in a quiet place, ask the most important person in your life and yes you have got it right, it's you as you are in charge of that body. It belongs to you, you are the soul owner and then when your soul tells you the answer, trust in the reply and act. Take them magical steps and the first one is always the hardest but with time they do get easier. So keep climbing and don't look back, not until you get to the top!

I asked myself this morning, what's next for me and the answer that my soul gave me was!

"Ambassador for world peace"

So going to ask, how do I do that pls? Never be scared to ask questions! I'm still doing my video blogging too! Just looking for a camera and stand. Can't wait!!!

Have a blessed day and make your inner soul happy today.

Sara Khan


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