Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Guide " Mamu "

For those that don't now, I have a guide that travels with me on my spiritual journey called Mamu! Yes, his with me at this moment and I'm not sure way yet. But that sense of smell that he makes himself known to me is all around me! It's a bit far at the moment but his guiding me, watching me and just being there for me. Life isn't meant to be an easy journey, it's full of ups and downs but God has made me of strong stuff. The obstacles that I have to face on a daily basis are just unbelievable at times. But you now what, I will keep jumping over these barriers that are made of steal. I will see the ending of this amazing dream that I have planted in my head. Yes, I'm not traveling alone, my guide, God and the world is with me! I will step onto the next step and slowly get to the top. Just want to see what's up there really, imagine it to be bright white light. Life does get better, you just have to keep climbing the steps!

Will leave this story there for now!

Sara Khan


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