Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Why do you hate so much?

Why do you hate others so much, all this nastiness’ and dislike. We have all come to mother earth to live and learn lessons of life. Lessons that we ourselves have chosen to experience while on our paths.

We destined all these, we chose what to experience in the future that we chose. We chose every little thing that came to us, be it good or bad, it was our choice, we wanted to experience and feel pain or love but we wanted it to come our way.

Every step, every moment was our choice. All the tears, heartache, and love were the experiences that needed to learn from. We planned everything to the last minute, and we wrote it down and made it our destiny before we came onto mother earth!

We chose our parents, relatives and people that would come into our lives. We planned it all, it was our doing, and this was what we were to experience, something we need and want to live and learn from.

Yes, people have hurt you, learn to solve by taking the steps and in time you will overcome this.
Don’t forget the people that hurt you, they have their own fate too, and they have chosen that.
Don’t keep blaming others, hating others and sending negative thoughts to the people that you don’t get on with,

why does one do that!

As those that you hate are living their happy lives and unaware of your hatred for them.

The more hurt, and negative vibes that you send them, the more they will prosper as their name is on your breath. Forgive and live your life that you chose to experience, as this is what you wanted to learn from.

When others leave you, let them go as their lesson that they came to teach you is over and you continue on your path.
Just remember to say thank you as it was a lesson that came your way to teach you a valuable message.

Remember you will be answerable to God, when you return home so now it’s your turn, be ready to be judged!

Sara Khan


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