Friday, 20 July 2012

New journey, new beginnings into Islam

Who would have thought my spiritual journey would bring me to the path of Islam. I was born into a Hindu family, but they do say you are already born as an Muslim. You get lost while searching for your answers and you go in different directions. But as you are finding your way you pick up and learn on your travels. I have learned many lessons and I have passed all the teachings onto good souls like yourself. The teachings, the lessons of life are to be shared. You can keep them locked in, away from the world, in a safe place and the decision will be yours as that will be your choice. But when you go home to your creator, if he asks what did you do with all them lessons that he sent your way. You can say I kept them safe, or you can tell him how you shared the knowledge to souls that came into your life.

Anyway, I'm feeling so blessed and I've never felt like this before. The love that I have for our creator is so magical and I am feeling so lucky that I have being chosen to be part of this religion. It is about peace amongst us all and to live an honest life to the best of our ability. I've never fasted before, as my heart wasn't really in it. I don't now how, why it happened but you all played a part in this transformation. Specially the respect brothers and sisters! Don't think they now how much they have changed my life and bought me onto this wonderful path.

Hope all that makes sense as I'm so happy it's unbelievable. If I've made a mistake, please forgive me? Might not believe this, but I'm only human and I can be naive at times.

Im actually going to have a early night for a change. Please pray that my strength will get stronger by the day and new lessons will come my way. New teachings which I will be honoured to pass to you all.

Thank you so much for entering my life as you are all my energy that feeds my soul.

Sara Khan


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