Friday, 1 February 2013

Depression can happen to anyone

We all get on with life, be it work or home with a smile on our face and all ready to give 101% to whom we may meet. We all do it well and in time everyone gets used to seen our smiling faces. All happy and bubbly ready to look after everyone and offer support, a ear to listen and be that friend. But we as human beings always have two faces, one which we leave at home and the other we show the outside world. No one has no idea what is be hide that face, that face with a smile which could be glowing. We do carry a lot of stress, life worries and home problems with us while we do our daily chores. Anyone can get depression in their lives and you must always seek help and guidance. There is so much help out there and they will offer you that support. Never be afraid to use your voice and the services that are available to you. Never feel that you are on your own as your not. Keep talking to someone and you will overcome this awful time in your life.

Yes, it does pass but you have to talk to someone and release that burden that you carry, that heaviness, that weight on your shoulders.

Love Sara x

For those that are waiting for news on my book launch, the book is on process of going to print and awaiting dates for the launch. An email and a press release will be sent to you all nearer the time.

"Life Does Get Better & Peace Within is Found Again"

Please contact Riff Haworth, manager and mentor at: for more information.


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