Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy Birthday dear Grandmother

It's my grandmothers birthday today and I'm going to share one of my experiences that I had when she came to visit me from the spirit world.

I regularly sense the presence of my grandmother around me, that smell that she comes with to remind me that she is watching over me! All my guides have different smells to indicate who is with me. She has an fragrance that is unique to me and when I get this smell, I now its her. One of the experiences that I had was when I had an out of body experience, my grandmother floated near me and kissed my forehead. I felt her skin, her touch onto my skin and it was an magical experience, one that I will never forget.

Happy Birthday my dear grandmother, I love you dearly and always will. As you now I started this journey with tears, heartache and lots of pain. Who would have thought that your granddaughter that was once disowned by everyone in the family would one day be accepted into hearts of millions all around the world. My dear grandmother stand with me as I say thank you to the world for holding my hand and supporting me, as it does mean allot. It's because of their continues support, energy that ables me to do what I do, then there is my strength and willpower to succeed. But one thing that I have promised the world, I will come back down from the top of this mountain which is so high and help the next person. That is my word to them and they can hold me to this promise.

Yes, my dear grandmother is with me on most days, how lucky am I. All my blood family might have left me on earth but I got a gift, my grandmother from the spirit world who stands with me on my spiritual journey.

Happy Birthday dear grandmother.

Love and Peace

Sara Khan x


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