Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Heaven is amongst us~Saw a soul

I was speaking to a lady in a supermarket this morning and I could see this girl, aged roughly 3 to 4 with curly mosey hair playing around this lady's legs. She was being mischievous and I could see mum telling her off as she kept pushing the shopping trolly away from the till. 

After a bit I said to this lady, where is your daughter as I couldn't see her anymore! This is where I was so shocked as the lady's reply was, at school. I didn't say anything to this lady of what I saw but I've being praying for a girl since last night who has passed away. 

I know in Islam we are not meant to be seen souls but heaven is amongst us and our creator must of wanted me to see this. Who ever this girl was, she showed me that she was happy and being taken care of by this women that I saw with her. 

Think our creator gave me such a soft heart and I can't help it if I see souls. 

But please carry on praying for this little girl as she adapts to the spirit world and her new home. 



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