Friday, 5 July 2013

I went on a spiritual journey of self discovery, which took 20 years to find the answers were already within

I was going through depression and memory’s of what I had being through in my child hood. One night I cried so much and made myself not wanting to go to sleep. What happened next was really frightening as I had never experienced anything like this before. 

(I have never taken depression tablets) I had a out of body experience (That’s when your soul comes out your body). This really frightened me and I was scared as I had no idea what was happening. While I was out of my body I saw other souls and experienced lots of frightening things.

This carried on for twenty years and it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. In the end I said whoever was with me to leave me alone. It stopped for a bit until I had an accident and this brought it all back again. I started to come out my body again, I saw souls and my own soul. 

I decided to find out what and why it was happening to me. I also found out how to stop my soul coming out of my body and keep myself balanced by grounding myself. As I was learning I became very spiritual and often I would get visits from the spirit world. It would only happen on awakening as I was more relaxed. I have seen my guides and my baby that I lost few years ago. I have experienced a lot of amazing things and I do have different guides around me. I can tell by different fragrances and their scents. 

So you see I really do hear angels. It’s started off as a buzzing sound and slowly turning to music. 


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