Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In order to change the world we need to be that change first

In order to see a difference in this world we all need to be that change first. We need to find the peace within our hearts and the way to do that is to always be honest, truthful and respect each other. Cheating, dishonesty and betrayal does not get us anywhere in life.

My role in this life is to spread love and peace and I will complete my task given to me by God who has held my hand. You will be lead away from your path by someone else's greed but be strong and continue on your intended task.

Our children are the future and we as elders have a duty to make the world a safe place for them to live in. We are wise and educated enough to make decisions to see right from wrong, not judge but to understand and let us not get involved in other peoples quarrels. Live a peace full life and find that happiness that is deep within all of us.

I have had many lessons in life and during one of my meditations I saw a bare foot. I asked around what it meant and this was the answer that I got. It might seem that on your troubles in life that you are on your own.

That is never the case as God is always there carrying you. So never feel that there is no help. Always ask and do not suffer in silence. When you have found what you are looking for in life. God will still carry you every step of the way in case you fall back down. So always, look out for his arms of support as they hold you tight. He will never let go of you so be brave and continue on your travels of life.

In life, not everything always stays the same it gets better. Always listen to your inner feelings and have faith in you. I said I would go back to that dark place to hold your hand and together we will go into the light. I have even achieved that dream without realising it. I listened to my feelings, thoughts and what messages my soul sent to me. It's a must that you listen to them feelings and act upon on them. What a journey I have had and I am going to be rewarded. One reward I have already gained and that's inner peace. I feel it within myself and I have this feeling of complete calmness.

Your thoughts are a very powerful tool so use them wisely. Make every thought that you get count. These thoughts are sent into the universe and they do manifest into reality so be very careful what you are thinking about. As you are sending out positive thoughts believe in them and you will get goodness into your life. Three simple words that I teach are, Ask, Believe and you will receive.

It does work as it changed my life too. All the negative and hurtful people that come and go in your life, you yourself send them positive thoughts. It is not easy but do not hate people, instead send good thought their way. You have the power to change the world with just your thoughts.

As your inner strength gets stronger as you continue to develop spiritually. There will be close ones who will not be able to keep up with your pace. Be strong and continue on your path even if it means going alone. If you choose to change your destination to please others you will not be able to complete the path that you came to accomplish in this life. If they can’t accept you for the person that you have become be strong and let them go.

Life is a journey of many challenges and believe me I have had many. I chose this life before I came into this world and I will complete the path that I came to experience. Life is hard but all ways remember to show yourself love first and only then can you love others. I am complete as a person and in that way I can be who I am. I will fight every challenge thrown at me as I am so strong. Being a strong woman does have its disadvantages too as others find it a threat. Never worry what others think and continue to be you.

I have dreams aspirations and one by one, they are all coming alive, as I believe in myself that makes me stronger and so much more confident. The outcome is very rewarding. Life teaches you lessons and you have a responsibility to teach what you have learnt. If you want a change to happen you have to change too and believe in yourself! I have a vision I want to change the world and I will do that. However, anything in life is possible. You always start from the bottom and make your way up.

In life always listen to your inner feelings and believe me doors will open that you would have never dreamed of. Believe in the universe, it will be one step ahead of you and it will deliver. Always watch out for the signals’ and be aware what is being sent your way. Take risks; go with the flow and trust. Do be Strong. You wouldn’t believe half the things I do but work with respect and dignity.

Remember always respect and love the most important person, and that’s you! I will spread this immeasurable amount of love and peace that I carry for every person I meet. I do that every day and it just comes naturally. Then those people that I have advised and guided will do the same.

So you see anything in life is possible as I have being doing.

All that hurt in life can be turned into pure love and the person to do that is you! Always ask for help and never feel that you are in the way. If you have something on your mind find the courage to ask the questions. Have faith in yourself and watch what others do and use their experiences in your life. If you need to sort your life out, find the strength as you are responsible for that inner child in you. There is so much help out there and you can do it as people like me will never let you down until you are ready to walk alone. But do go ahead and seek that help and be responsible for you. It does get easier and in time you will start to help others with what you have learned in life. This is my year and I can see a wonderful life ahead. You too can get here!

Believe in the most important person in the world and you will never go wrong. That person is you, believe in you and that gut of yours will never let you down! But remember there will be tests send your way! Stop, listen and feel deep down at what has come knocking at your door. You have all the answers within you and you are your own guide. So do listen to them feelings and let them guide you in life. This precious life that you have chosen to experience on mother earth, do live that dream that heart’s desire! You are in control, it's your life and trust in your thoughts as that is your inner soul within.
But remember to walk your path with honesty and respect. You will be rewarded for all your hard work and it will come. Just be aware that you don't step onto the wrong path by greed that comes your way. In life you will find lots of barriers and obstacles that come your way! You will be led onto the wrong path by others greed and to satisfy their needs. Yes, you did what you had to do and put others needs before yours. Know that you have realised the errors of your way and the wrong that was put at your door. Stand up, walk away and claim the life that belongs to you. This is your time to shine and live for you. Yes, loved ones will be hurt but your soul needs rescuing! That is your job, as you are the owner of that soul! If you stay where you are, you will continue living that life until it is done.

Be it peace, love or faith but you will do it your way and in your own time. We came to mother earth to learn lessons and experience human race. Whatever comes your way will be valuable lessons sent your way. Don't argue with the messenger but take note and say thank you. I know I have so much learning to do and I do feel that I am progressing by all the teaching sent my way. Lots of new souls have come into my life to teach me these lessons! It was already planned in my destiny before I came onto mother earth. These souls were meant to come into my life and to help me on my journey that I have found myself on.

What ever comes your way will always be valuable lessons sent to teach you about life. It's ok to look at as many materials as possible to gain knowledge!

Life is good and going to get even better, this transformation, this amazing change is accepted with love. We are purely energy within a body that have come to experience life on mother earth. If you want your life to be this good, take back control. It's your life, your responsibility and you’re in charge. It could take a day, month or years but you do get there. There will be so many obstacles and stones thrown at your direction but keep going and don't stop!

Remember dreams are meant to be explored and lived. You dream it and the world will deliver. You will take some steps back and think! Is this for real, am I really doing this! Yes, you are so continue with bringing that dream alive.

My dream has a magic message for the world to gain their inner peace. They will look and the feelings that I get they will feel too with all their heart. I will be their voice that is so faint. I will raise my voice and send out this message of peace. I believe in me and you will too.

All this happiness and peace isn't for me to keep locked in. It has to be shared and with respect. I feel that I am the daughter, sister that someone else let go of but the world opened their arms and accepted me for the person that I truly am. For this honour I will pass the message of peace into the lives of many. I am their daughter know and I will deliver this message. My life, my peace belongs to the world as I will give it all away. That is my word and I always work with honesty.

Remember every thought that you have! That thought will become your reality so make it good! I will show you how to do that! Just ask me as I know that you will.

Peace is on its way!! Just believe.

My words are yours they belong to the world for you to begin your journey of pure love and peace!


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Very powerful...thanks for sharing your message.

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