Saturday, 11 February 2012

Journey of life

On your journey of life, on your travels you will be rewarded with gifts. They might not be materialistic but they will be gifted to you. Yes, I have never had or received any gifts of substance but I have had gifts of life. My rock, my shadow who stands and guides me as I walk this path of life. Then God saw all my tears and the work that I was doing. So he rewarded me with two sons and that is enough for me.

Materialistic items come and go but I have my rewards. Then there is my angels and guides who come to me, via feelings and thoughts. Amazing too, when I get visits from them with messages.

Quote from my book:

One morning I was laying in bed and a spirit of a women flashed in front of my face. Dark black hair, olive skin and she said " love yourself" then she went. At the time I didn't know what she meant. As time went by I started to love myself. I am important, special and very gifted. Yes I do love myself.

My message today is always show love to yourself first and the world will love you back! It's amazing feeling being loved by everyone. Yes, the world loves me back and I do feel this.

Have a blessed day, love the most important person in this world and that is you!


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