Saturday, 11 February 2012

My spiritual journey continues

1. Started this journey and I didn't now how to write! Yep, got no education.

2. A friend told me to write my feelings down and out came all these amazing words. Made my first website and shared with the world and silence fell. Don't let others stop you living your hearts desires. don't cry!

3. Was explaining to someone on a website, how I found my inner peace and I had a thought. " write a book" so out came a book! Yes, it was my guides whispering to me.

4. Everyone said, I wouldn't find a publisher and I did find one. Never say to anyone "you can't"

5. Hubby took me for a meal in an Indian restaurant run by an english man. Looked at the menu, and there was the word "aloe vera" my heart started to jump, so ended up with an business. Yes, always go with your feelings as you gut will never lie.

6. I had this dream in my head of becoming an medium. I played this dream constantly in my head. Yes, really! My dream has come true! Yes, all dreams come true so believe. On 29th February I will be standing on the platform and reading for the public. My philosophy on life, in my words and my voice.

7. I am working on two more books. Yes, really and I have learned how to write. I'm also teaching others so check my face book site out.

8. My PR manager, the lovely Riff Haworth is organizing my book launch. Yes, she is my angel and I love her to bits. You all have angels that stand with you, so look out and for yours too.

9. Got another amazing idea and yes, going to bring it alive as that's my responsibility. Watch this space!!

10. Life will just get better and better.

Right now I am sitting here with this amazing smile on my face, which I can not shift. Yes, it's here for life and I'm not traveling alone. I will show you how, so just ask. That is my word to you and I keep my promises.

Yes, I love me as I am so special and an amazing person.

Sara x


Sara Khan said...

Forgot to mention, all this work has taken me two years to do. Yes, that's amazing.

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